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LA Weight Loss is widely known as a source of healthy diet information and weight loss supplements. The company has been around for more than a decade, helping dieters lose weight and keep it off. For a small time, meal delivery systems were all the rage and LA Weight Loss jumped on the band wagon creating LA to Your Door. The meal delivery service is no longer a part of the LA Weight Loss program, but we’re sure it offered many of the same features systems like NutriSystem currently offer.

List of Ingredients

Meal delivery system for weight loss.

Product Features

There are a few details about the La to Your Door program that are evident, even without detailed information on the program. Dieters likely needed to join the LA Weight Loss program to take part in the LA to Your Door program. Foods were likely delivered on a regular schedule and several packages were likely offered, including 5 days with weekends off and 7 day a week programs. We do not know whether LA to Your Door offered special diet programs like diabetic or gluten free. LA Weight Loss still provides complete packages and a la carte product and supplement orders, but the La to Your Door name is no longer associated with these products.

The LA Complete Success System is the largest kit offered by LA Weight Loss. It can be delivered to the dieter at home (previously known as LA to Your Door). The kit includes snacks, juice, meal replacement shakes, supplements and a plate to correctly measure food portions. All products are LA Weight Loss branded. Free gifts included with the package may include one bottle of LA Maxatrim and a cookbook. Dieters must add fruits, vegetables and other foods to their diet during weight loss. The kit lasts one-month and retails for $400.

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  • Delivers meal replacements and supplements to the dieter.
  • Costs are comparable to other meal replacement plans.
  • Meal plans are based on current weight so dieters moving from one plan to another have customized meal replacements.


  • May not be affordable for most dieters.
  • The supplements may not include proven ingredients.
  • The name LA to Your Door is no longer used by LA Weight Loss.


The LA to Your Door program is no longer active at LA Weight Loss, but the company still sells products for home delivery. There is no mention of whether the dieter must join a local LA Weight Loss club to order the products. There are no foods associated with the program, only meal replacement shakes and bars. The dieter still needs to eat healthy fruits and vegetables to balance nutritional intake and optimize health.

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