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LA Fitness Trainer is a group of individuals who offer several different fitness training programs for weight loss. It is lead by Jason Komza who has won the former Mr. America title. They even offer online training for those clients who live outside of the Los Angeles area. LA Fitness Trainer focuses on everything from extreme makeovers, fitness and sport applications and body transformations. This series focuses on all aspects that affect the weight loss and body sculpting arena. Covering nutrition, health, strength and mental well being, the program is aimed at creating lasting habits through performing exercises and movements to stretch and tone the body and maintain your shape.

There are many positive testimonials and pictures to illustrate the success of the program and the website guarantees satisfactory results as long as the client is willing to commit to a lifelong dedication to a healthier lifestyle. This program offers no gimmicks or quick fixes and relies solely on hard work and sweat equity to achieve your goal. Whether you choose to merely shape your body or choose to dive head first into the bodybuilding arena to gain muscle mass. The program claims to have an answer to every need. The primary focus is to give up the short term achievement for longer term goals that range from decreasing risk of medical conditions to strengthening the immune system and energy levels resulting in less doctor visits and issues such as anxiety and depression.


There are no ingredients.

Product Features

Most websites seek to offer quick fixes and miraculous products to shed the pounds. LA Fitness Trainer provides a clear and detailed picture of both the hard work and realistic results that can be expected by utilizing their services. The prices of the services can vary and can be expensive but is promoted as a sound investment to teach you better habits and exercises that you can carry with you well into the future.

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  • LA Fitness Trainer is run by a well known trainer.
  • This program will improve your overall health.


  • The official website seems cluttered and has a lot going on.
  • Products sold on this website seem to be just affiliate based items that aren’t really related to LA Fitness Trainer.
  • This program is exercise intensive which may not appeal to all dieters.


LA Fitness Trainer seems like a decent resource for people looking to lose weight with the tried and true methods of diet and exercise. There is a large community area that may help keep you motivated and tons of workout plans and meal ideas. You will have to register with the site to get access to most of these areas and we are concerned that you may end up with all kinds of unwanted e-mails. If you use this program every single day, you should end up feeling healthier and losing weight but it can be difficult for many people to stick with a program like this for an extended period of time.

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