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LA Weight Loss Centers incorporate an entire program into meeting your weight loss goals. Once you sign up for the program, you are assigned a personal counselor who is trained to assess your individual needs and customize a weight loss plan that will put you on the road to success. The plan will include a diet program, exercise and regular meetings with your LA Weight Loss counselor. This person will act as your own weight loss coach, tweaking and refining your program as necessary and providing the motivational support you need to see you through to your weight loss goals.

The plan is laid out in good detail on the LA Weight Loss website, with locations and customer testimonials available for perusal. While this all sounds good in theory, we wonder then why many LA Weight Loss Centers have closed? Depending on where you live, you may have a significant amount of trouble finding a center near your home. In addition, it is difficult to assess the cost of the program, since it can vary from location to location. There is no online program, and you cannot even purchase the food unless you are a client of one of the centers. This will make it next to impossible for some dieters to take advantage of the LA Weight Loss Program.


The components of the LA Weight Loss Program includes regular meetings with a personal counselor, a set menu that may include the LA Weight Loss Cookbook and prepared snacks and entrees, a diet supplement as recommended by your counselor and a regular exercise program. Each element of the plan will be assessed and designed just for you by your trained counselor so you can reap the greatest benefit in the shortest amount of time. However, each of these elements is included in everyone’s program.

Product Features

The LA Weight Loss Program offers one interesting policy that we have not seen with other diet plans. If clients are able to maintain within five pounds of their target weight one year after completing the program, they are entitled to a 50% rebate of the total cost of the program. However, this rebate offer is only available at certain locations, so clients would need to contact the center near them to find out if this rebate would be in effect.

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  • The LA Weight Loss Program incorporates diet, exercise, support and supplements.
  • The program offers individualized plans for the greatest odds of success.


  • Many of the LA Weight Loss Centers appear to be closed at the time of this review.
  • The cost of the program varies from location to location.
  • The limited number of locations means dieters may not find one close to them.


If you happen to have an LA Weight Loss Center near your home and you have the money to invest in such a program, this may be a good way to achieve your weight loss goals. However, we believe that consumers can also see success by simply following a low calorie diet, exercising daily and taking an effective weight loss supplement. An expensive center may not really be necessary to successfully drop the pounds.

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25 User Reviews about LA Weight Loss

  • 1
    Ana Carolina Jimenez Rodriguez

    ATTENTION !!!! SCAM ALERT !!! After paying a full program for a year in July 2014, in late November, without warning, they just closed operations in Costa Rica and we were left without explanation or refunds. They did not leave any phone number, just an email in which they assured me they would call me, and that there would be a follow up for me, and that they would be in touch. It was all a fraud! Which is a shame, because the program works! I lost 43 lbs in 4 months … Still, I am outraged and demand the return of my money!


  • 2

    I recommend Surely Slim, Great product! The price is good, got three weight loss products in one veg capsule. I just started taking this last week and have dropped 2 pounds. I am pretty sure it’s mostly water but overall I seem to have more energy and less of an appetite.


  • 3

    Hello All,
    I have been trying to lose weight for almost a year since my son was born and have lost maybe 5 pounds in the last 10 months. I tried Surely Slim and felt great immediately. More Energy, less snacks in between meals. Even my husband has noticed. Thanks Surely Slim 


  • 4

    I would like to see other’s comments


  • 5

    If you were a LA Weightloss client when a center closed, PLEASE contact you nearest center to you that is NOW open. They are owned by a Canadian Corp and MANY OFFER HALF PRICE joining fees to previous clients. It is NOW much more affordable. If you have tried it I’m sure you will agree it does work. I’m happy I made the call and 30 pounds lighter. Good Luck To You.


  • 6

    Thank you for this honest review. We should try to avoid placing blame when the blame really lies with us. LA Weight Loss can only do so much, the rest is totally up to us. Incorporated what you learn, it a lifestyle not a fad.


  • 7

    the LA Center closed I was going to. Closed and I had paid for my bars. They owe me 16+ boxes of bars. Lost over 200.00 of dollars.


  • 8

    these people ripped me off i paid in advance for my bars 48 boxes to be exact and one day i go to my visit and they were gone…i lost hundreds of dollars be careful it dont happen to you..never got reimbursed


  • 9
    luz carmona

    when im takeing the take off drink what if i only have meat 2 times cause i have no more room for it.will i still loss weight?


  • 10
    emma patrick

    how do get in touch with la weigh loss center?


  • 11

    I joined LA Weight Loss in 2005. In Oct.20006 (one year after I started the program)I went from 269lbs. to 155lbs. I gave to my daughter in 2008 and gained a total of 80lbs. Even though all the centers within 50 miles of me were closed, I took all the things I learned in the 3yrs. and once again hit my goal. I agree with alot of you about the cost of the products that were sold, and I NEVER received one dime of my refund, I can say LA Weight Loss has taught me how to loss the weight and keep it off. This is coming from someone who has been obese from childhood to adulthood. My heaviest was 325. It has been a battle to stay on track from time to time, but that is because of me, not the program.


  • 12

    What drink can be used to replace the Slimdown?


  • 13
    Wendy Jones

    This is nothing new about LA Weight Loss, they have been scamming people for years. I joined in 2003 did not lose as much weight as I needed to, felt starved when asked for a refund because the program was not meeting my nutricial needs I was promised a refund, that was 2004 still the office in my area closed and I never got a refund that I was promised.


  • 14
    Audrey Bruhn

    Is there any way I can get some of my money back from LA weight Loss. I still have lots of the bars coming & feel the program is not for me. There is no personal contact with workers & customers in Seattle office.


  • 15
    Darlene Tindall

    I am still making payments on the program. I don’t feel like I should have to pay when LA shut down. Has anyone got their money back?



    tried to get my money back said I have would to travel to another


  • 16
    Mary Albright

    LA Weightloss worked for me until my two years was up. I invested a lot of money into the program and because I was 1 pound off my goal weight at the end I lost $246.00. Not to mention the bars are extemely expensive. I have gained back almost all of the 102lbs I lost due to not having a center near me for support. Be careful when investing in this and research carefully to make sure there are centers where you will be moving.


  • 17
    Mary Jane Nicholson

    Can you still order Takeoff drink?



    you can use that hollywood drink you buy at walmart or drug stores works the same and costs less



    I will go to walgreens and get the drink , What bars can I use in place of thier bars. I also had the center close that I was going to.



    never did get a reply a what bars could replace the LA bars.


    LUNA Bars, or Kashi Bars at walmart.


    If you want a LA Weight loss bar substitute, pick one that has 150-190 caleries, 19 grams of carbs,at least 7 grams of protein and 5 grams of fat. LUNA bars or Kashi Go Lean bars they have them at Walmart.


    nugo bars at whole foods also work and they are really good


    You can order LA Lites (their bars) online at you have to spend $99.99 and you get 8 boxes, each box has 8 bars and you pick your flavors. I know it sounds like alot of $$ but their bars are really GOOD. almost like eating a candy bar. Luna bars are good too and you can get them at Target or Walmart.