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Bodybuilders are constantly looking for supplements that help protect muscles and prevent muscle tissue from being damaged during exercise and the recovery process. Labrada GlutaLean is a supplement that claims to do both. According to the supplement description, L-Glutamine supports healthy muscle recovery and reduces the negative impact of exercise on muscle. The effect of this supplement on muscle could help some dieters if they complete a rigorous workout routine every day. The average dieter does not need this supplement to lose weight.

List of Ingredients

L-Glutamine 5,000 mg.

Product Features

The three factors that cause muscle damage, according to Labrada, are stress in life, workout routines and poor eating habits. Dieters are at the top of the list of candidates for a supplement that can reduce the effects of these three life occurrences, but L-glutamine just doesn’t fit the bill.

The trouble we have with products like Labrada GlutaLean is the lack of clinical support. It isn’t that there are no clinical studies completed on the supplement or ingredient, in this case, but the manufacturers do not feel the need to point out clinical research to dieters or bodybuilders.

Looking at the official website for Labrada, it is clear that this supplement is intended for bodybuilders. The company specializes in specialty supplements for building muscle, so the average dieter will not likely see any benefits from Labrada GlutaLean.

L-glutamine has shown positive results in reducing recovery time after a patient undergoes surgery. This could be the clinical research Labrada uses to support reduced muscle recovery time. Reducing healing time is important to anyone working out on a regular basis, but only if muscles are worked to the point of damage during a workout.

Labrada GlutaLean costs only $24 per 100-serving container.

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  • L-glutamine is proven to reduce recovery time.
  • There is only one ingredient in the supplement.
  • The supplement costs less than other bodybuilding and weight loss supplements.


  • Not intended to increase metabolism.
  • Will not decrease hunger.
  • Will only work if the dieter is tearing muscle during a workout.
  • Intended for bodybuilders, not dieters.


There are supplements for weight loss and supplements for bodybuilders. Labrada GlutaLean is clearly a supplement intended for bodybuilders who want to reduce the time it takes for muscles to recover. Some dieters could use the supplement to reduce muscle pain after workouts, but the workouts would have to be weight bearing.

If a dieter is looking for a supplement to increase metabolism or decrease hunger, this is not the supplement. Despite the low cost, dieters would be wasting money if they are hoping to lose more weight taking this supplement.

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