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Editor's Review: 2.5 / 5.0

What You Should Know

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Labrada Nutrition is an online store full of products for athletes and those who are trying to lose weight. Lee Lebrada started the company in 1996 after becoming Mr. Universe. The line of products comes from his experience as a professional body builder. The products are available online and at select conventional stores all over the country.

List of Ingredients

There are several products produced by Labrada. Each product will have its own unique ingredient listing.

Product Features

Labrada has a complete line of muscle builders, protein shakes, protein bars, fat loss and energy products, and recovery products. Though the average dieter will never need to use any of these products, Labrada caters to more than the average dieter, expanding to novice and professional body builders as well.

Labrada muscle builders include: Super Charge! Xtreme N.O., Re-Charge!TM, A2-PumpTM, C2-StrengthTM, Lean Body Mass 60 -6lb, Lean Body Mass 60, HumanogrowthTM, SorenzymeTM ElastiJoint®, CreaLean TM, and GlutaLeanTM.

Labrada protein shakes include: Lean Body ®in a JUG, Prov 60® Plus, Lean Body® on the Go, Lean Body®RTD Case, Lean Body ®, Prov 60®, Lean Body® For Her, CarbWatchers®, Lean Body®, Lean Body® Whole Foods,42 Ct. CarbWatchers® Lean Body, ®, Lean Body® Mass 60-6LB., and Lean Body® Mass 60 (small).

Labrada protein bars include: Lean Body® Hi-Protein, Lean Body®Gold, Rockin’ RollTM, Lean Body® Granola Bar, and Cookie Roll Snack Bar.

Labrada fat loss and energy products include: Xhilar8TM, Charge!® SuperShot, Charge!®Hardcore, EFA Lean GoldTM, and Super Charge! Xtreme.

Labrada recovery products include: lutalean PlusTM, Elastijoint®, HumanogrowthTM, SorenzymeTM, GlutaLeanTM, Re-Charge!TM.

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  • These products cover an array of fitness and nutritional needs.
  • These products are available online and in conventional stores.


  • Not all these products are geared toward weight loss.
  • It may be difficult for people to choose which product to use for their weight loss goals.
  • The average dieter does not need to use protein products and recovery products, because these are for building muscle.


Overall, we think that the Labrada products are pretty good, but we don’t really know how well the fat burning and energy products will work. Since the Xhilar8TM product, the main fat burning product, contains caffeine, we think it may cause a crash, but the product claims the amount is so small that it doesn’t. The product claims to help you burn fat while also enhancing mood, so we think this is a pretty big claim. The best thing you can do is find a fat burner and/or appetite suppressant that contains proven ingredients. Combine this with a healthy diet and exercise program to get the best results.

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