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Those following a Lactose-Free Diet are supposed to completely eliminate all lactose-containing products from their diet. Any foods, drinks, supplements or other products containing lactose cannot, under any circumstances, be consumed. Dieters must heavily restrict themselves and dieters must read all labels carefully to ensure that they are not consuming any lactose. A Lactose-Free Diet is typically followed by those with a lactose intolerance or a lactose sensitivity, but this type of diet is sweeping the nation as a weight loss diet because some people feel that lactose-containing products may add to excess weight when consumed regularly. There are dozens of these Lactose-Free Diet weight loss programs out there for dieters to choose from. Some are free, some are moderately priced and some are expensive and all of them require the dieter to purchase special foods along with any membership costs that may be involved.

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A Lactose-Free Diet simply means to consume absolutely no lactose. Since many dairy products contain essential vitamins and nutrients such as calcium, vitamin D and riboflavin, many lactose-free dieters are deficient in these nutrients. Those following a Lactose-Free Diet may eat things such as meal replacement drinks made with soy, any lactose-free milks, rice milks or products prepared with rice milks and no lactose, non-creamers that are completely free of lactose and soy milk.

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  • A Lactose-Free Diet may be beneficial to those with a lactose intolerance.
  • Those who are sensitive to lactose may notice a reduction in diarrhea, gas, cramping and bloating if they follow this type of diet.
  • There are several different Lactose-Free Diet plans available so a dieter has a good chance of finding one that suits them.


  • Lactose-Free Diets may cause deficiencies in vitamin D, calcium and riboflavin.
  • This type of diet is very restrictive.
  • Many of the fats in dairy products are considered healthy fats.
  • None of the Lactose-Free Diet plans available include supplements that may help burn fat and suppress the appetite.
  • Many lactose-free products are more expensive than their lactose-containing alternatives.


A Lactose-Free Diet doesn’t really stand out from the rest of the food group eliminating weight loss plans available today. A Lactose-Free Diet may not be an ideal weight loss option for those who rather take supplements because there aren’t any proven appetite suppressing or fat burning supplements included with this program, so those seeking a weight loss program with supplements with the ability to suppress the appetite and burn fat may want to research other products or programs with supplements that are intended for appetite suppression and fat burning. Those seeking weight loss should also develop a healthy and complete diet and exercise program that suits them and their lifestyle. Users will need to assess their health and fitness goals and decide if using a Lactose-Free Diet is right for them.

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