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Lactose intolerance is characterized by stomach and digestive discomfort after eating foods and consuming drinks with lactose. Lactose is the official name for milk sugar. In our infant stages, lactase is produced by the body to digest milk more efficiently. This is the body’s way of supporting breastfeeding. As we age, the body produces less and less lactase. As lactose sits in the intestines waiting to be digested, bacteria can build up causing stomach discomfort, gas and / or diarrhea.

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Diet with restrictions on lactose intake.

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When eating a lactose intolerance diet, food labels are highly important as is knowledge of foods that contain lactose. Milk and cheese are the most recognized foods to avoid, but condensed milk, evaporated milk, sour cream, yogurt and ice cream also contain enough lactose to cause a reaction. Butter, cottage cheese and cream cheese also contain lactose, though in smaller amounts than the foods previously mentioned.

When following a lactose intolerance diet, many dieters worry about calcium intake, but there are plenty of foods fortified with calcium to take the place of dairy products. Fortified foods include orange juice, soy milk, salmon and broccoli.

The lactose intolerance diet is aimed at reducing digestive stress and not weight loss. There are no calorie restrictions placed on people following the diet and thus the traditional guidelines would have to be altered if a dieter wishes to lose weight with the lactose intolerance diet.

Information on what foods to avoid and good sources of calcium are available free online. Supplements like calcium and vitamin D are encouraged on the plan, but there is no mention of weight loss supplements. In order to lose weight, dieters would have to reduce caloric intake and substitute dairy products with lactose free alternatives.

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  • Information on the lactose intolerance diet is free online.
  • The diet could reduce stomach discomfort associated with consuming dairy products.


  • None of the dietary guidelines for the lactose intolerance diet are aimed at weight loss.
  • Some lactose free alternative foods are high in calories.
  • The effects of lactose intolerance do not typically cause weight gain.


If a dieter is looking for relief from lactose sensitivity, the lactose intolerance diet may be a great starting point. Unfortunately, the literature online is geared toward replacing dairy foods and foods high in milk sugars with low lactose or lactose free alternatives without regard for calorie intake.

We suggest using a weight loss supplement with green tea and chromium with every weight loss diet. If a dieter is lactose intolerant, the menu plan should start with replacing all lactose foods using the lactose intolerance diet suggestions. From there, calories can be reduced.

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