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Ladies Premier Fitness has five personal gyms located in the area surrounding Dayton, Ohio. The club offers a long list of classes available to members and offers a free 30 day membership. The official website for Ladies Premier Fitness shows successes from some of the club members, but there is very little other information provided.

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Personal gym and classes.

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Working out is an important part of losing weight. Some women find it easier to attend a gym dedicated to women rather than fight through the slews of men in a typical gym setting. Ladies Premier Fitness offers a woman only setting with a few success stories listed on the official website. These success stories include before and after photos, but there are no dates published with the pictures so the dieter has no idea of the current success of the gym.

There is a long list of classes available at the gym, but that is the limit of the information provided about how the gym can help the dieter lose weight. There is no mention of nutritional help or supplementation on the website. Dieters require a complete lifestyle change to make a gym membership to pay for itself as the desire to workout may soon fade if weight loss is not achieved. Without healthy eating, no gym will increase weight loss.

There are several consumer reports listed about Ladies Premier Fitness including one about personal safety. The report states that cars outside of one location are constantly being broken into and that the gym does not have camera surveillance to protect gym members from this crime. Other reports include bad customer service.

There is no mention of how much a membership costs to the Ladies Premier Fitness club.

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  • Exercise can increase metabolism.
  • Working out increases calorie burn for several hours after the workout is completed.


  • Consumers complain about customer service at Ladies Premier Fitness.
  • There are no prices listed on the official website.
  • Working out does not help a dieter lose weight if nutrition is not changed.


For dieters living in the Dayton, Ohio area, the Ladies Premier Fitness gym may not be the best choice. Some customers claim there is no security and a lack of customer service which is not what gym users pay money to have. In addition to these negative reports, dieters are not given nutritional information or advice on how to pair the workout with good, healthy food to lose weight. Without proper nutrition, the dieter will not lose weight no matter how many hours are spent working out. We tend to support a healthy diet, exercise and supplementation for weight loss and not just working out alone.

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