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The Lady Gaga Diet is a hit with Gaga fans. There are two diets listed online with the Lady Gaga name. The first is a healthy diet comprised of three meals and two snacks a day. The celebrity claims to live by the 5 Factor Diet by Harley Pasternak. Each week, she lays off the healthy foods and cheats a bit, making this diet even more interesting for dieters. The second Lady Gaga Diet was noted in an interview by the star. In the interview she stated she followed a drinking diet. The diet consists of whiskey and other hard alcohol. She exercises every day, even on days when she has a hangover. The Drinking Diet as the plan has been named is an unhealthy way to lose weight and should not be taken as a serious diet choice.

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Eating and drinking habits of Lady Gaga.

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A day in the life following the Lady Gaga Diet may include eating salads, fish, vegetables and fruits. The star works out every day and spends quite a few hours practicing yoga. Occasionally, the Lady Gaga Diet allows a bowl of pasta or a cheat day, which Gaga has claimed to take once a week. This means of weight loss is as near ideal as a dieter can get and it shows in the naturally think physique of Lady Gaga. Some dieters, however, may stumble upon a different version of the Lady Gaga Diet that is not so healthy.

In an interview on Sirius Radio, Lady Gaga admitted to drinking lots of whiskey and doing yoga nearly every day of the week. The star promises she will workout every day, no matter how much she drank the night before. There have been times she hit the gym with a hangover. Drinking alcohol can have one of two effects on appetite. Either the dieter will forget why they are trying to lose weight and eat everything in sight or they will forget to eat and drink more. Whiskey and other hard alcohols are high in calories, not to mention the negative effect on the liver. Most dieters do not have the dedication to hit the gym if they have a hangover the next morning.

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  • The healthy version of the Lady Gaga Diet is a nearly perfect diet.
  • The celebrity works out almost every day.


  • The Drinking Diet is not a healthy means of weight loss.


If a dieter wants to diet like Lady Gaga, it is best to choose the healthy diet and not the Drinking Diet. Long-term use of alcohol can lead to addiction and loss of life. Dieting requires healthy foods, water and exercise.

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