Lady’s Mantle Extract Review

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Sorting through the broad spectrum of weight loss ingredients can be rather daunting. Especially when there are new ingredients being used for weight loss all the time. Often these ingredients are discovered by accident. Some that you might be familiar with are Yerba Mate, Hoodia Gordonii, Green Tea, Guarana Seed, and White Kidney Bean Extract. These are all used in many weight loss supplements available online and in stores. Then there are some of the more elusive ingredients that are not so well known. The one we are going to scrutinize in this review is Lady’s Mantle Extract. It is found in a number of diet products as well, and we are going to better determine whether or not it is actually beneficial for weight management.


  • Lady’s Mantle Extract (Alchemilla)

Product Features

Lady’s Mantle Extract is a natural flower ingredient that has been used over the years for mild diarrhea, muscle contractions, and even diabetes. However, some weight loss product companies are now including this ingredient in diet pills. Lady’s Mantle Extract does help with water retention, which means it acts like a diuretic and draws some of the excess water from your body. This in turn can reduce your weight to some degree. Other ingredients that do this are caffeine and dandelion root. These are also used in many over-the-counter weight loss supplements.

One factor you must consider regarding Lady’s Mantle Extract is that this substance essentially works like a diuretic. It does not help suppress your appetite so you eat fewer calories, and it does not boost your metabolism or help you burn off fat. It only pulls off excess water weight, which is only temporary weight reduction. It is not the same as long-term fat loss.

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  • May assist with conditions like diarrhea, muscle contractions, and diabetes.
  • This is an herbal ingredient, which will please some dieters.


  • This ingredient may cause bad reactions when mixed with certain drugs.
  • There is not enough evidence linking Lady’s Mantle Extract to real weight loss.
  • This substance does not boost your body’s metabolism.
  • Lady’s Mantle Extract is not used to suppress appetite.


Although Lady’s Mantle Extract may be beneficial for mild diarrhea, diabetes, and muscle contractions, we do not feel it is very beneficial for real weight loss. Like many other herbal ingredients used in modern diet pills, Lady’s Mantle Extract does not serve much of a purpose. After all, pulling excess water from the body is not true weight loss that lasts. It is more of an illusion of weight loss. Therefore we do not recommend that you find a diet pill that contains this ingredient in particular.

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