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Lakanto was developed by Donna Gates who is the head of the Body Ecology Diet. This product is considered a Japanese sweetener or “fake sugar”. Gates claims that Lakanto can be used as a replacement anytime someone would use sugar. Users can use this product to sweeten drinks, cook or bake. Lakanto is said to be a weight management product that can be used by any adult regardless of age, gender or fitness level. This product is said to have a zero glycemic index, no calories and no additives.


Erythritol and Luo Han Guo Fruit Extract.

Product Features

Lakanto contains the ingredient Erythtitol which is a naturally occurring sugar, often found in grapes, pears, mushrooms and other foods. It is said to be be a safer form of sugar alcohols because it is supposed to prevent negative side effects that are often present with sugar alcohols such as bloating, gas and diarrhea. The ingredient Luo Han Guo Fruit Extract is said to act as an anti-carcinogenic as well as an anti-inflammatory and an antioxidant. It is also said to be beneficial in treating ailments such as certain digestive ailments, fever, phlegm and coughing.

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  • Lakanto is said to be all natural.
  • This product contains no calories.
  • The Lakanto product website is somewhat professional and does offer plenty of relevant product information.


  • Lakanto is extremely expensive when compared to any other sugar substitute.
  • Those taking MAOI’s, SSRI’s, antidepressants, NSAIDS, corticosteroids or certain other medications should consult a physician before taking this product.
  • Those who have diabetes, hypoglycemia, high blood pressure, cardiovascular ailments or certain other medical conditions should consult a physician before taking Lakanto.
  • Women who are pregnant or nursing should consult a physician before taking this product.
  • Lakanto does not seem much different than any other sugar substitute.
  • This product makes too many lofty claims.
  • Lakanto is boasted to be such a unique product, yet few people seem to have ever heard of it.


Lakanto doesn’t really stand out from the rest of the supposed “fake sugar” weight management products available today. Lakanto may not be an effective weight loss product because there doesn’t seem to be any proven appetite suppressants or fat burners in it so those seeking a weight loss supplement with the ability to suppress the appetite and burn fat may want to research other products that are intended for appetite suppression and fat burning. Those seeking weight loss may also benefit from developing a healthy diet and exercise program. Users will need to assess their health and fitness goals and decide if using Lakanto is right for them.

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  • 1
    LPGYour Name

    it is still an alcohol by chemistry standards. Add what you like to it, it is still an alcohol sweetner.


  • 2

    Someone gave us a bag of 800g of Lakanto. I didn’t really pay attention to it. By just merely looked at the front of the package, I only knew it’s another type of “fake sugar” made by monk fruit (I don’t know what it is). It has a unique smell. I don’t bake so I only use it for drinks. After a few uses, I started to like it and wanted to find out more about this product. Then I seriously looked at the back of the package found out that monk fruit was actually Luo han guo. As chinese, we know all the good health benefits that luo han guo has. We always boil dry Luo han guo just with water for only 20 min. The water turns dark brown to almost black color. We drink it hot or cold, both tasty. Then I realize that unique smell of Lakanto exactly resembles the smell of a luo han guo drink that we always make. Feedback #8 above said it has 99.8% Erythritol and only 0.2% Luo han guo. I’m not sure about if the 0.2% enough to get that pungent smell of Luo han guo. My husband has borderline blood sugar. Me and my husband are trying to avoid sugar or use other artificial sweetener like splenda. We also heard that the chemicals in fake sugar are as bad as real sugar. Although, not sure about the % of the ingredients, I think it still sounds less chemicals than other products. I will continue to use it for my family.


  • 3

    Is there any knowledge about Lakanto’s effect on cancer cells?


  • 4

    I like this product so far. It is expensive, but I like what it is made of, and it does taste like sugar with no weird aftertaste. I have used it to substitute for sugar a couple of times, and it worked just fine. I have not tried anything where it needs to crisp up, so I can’t answer that. However, Lakanto is not supposed to be a weight loss product by itself, merely a way to cut back on sugar (which could help with weight) and to help diabetics and others with blood sugar issues to keep on track. I find it funny that it is marketed as a sugar replacement but your are reviewing it as a weight loss product.

    It has not been used here in the USA in the past, so no one here would have really promoted it. I was ordering it from Canada for a bit, where it is accessible. Now you can get it on Amazon. It is pricey, but if you are really in need of help with sugar for any reason, it works well. My kids didn’t even notice the difference. I have tried both the golden and the white version.

    My information was that Lakanto was originally created by the Saraya company in Japan about 15 years ago, and has been used there since then. I found information about it on a Canadian website last year, and it is just now showing up in the US with any real regularity. It will come down in price as more people begin to use it, I believe.

    All in all, I would say to try it. It is very good, has a real sugar taste, and doesn’t seem to affect my brother’s blood sugar at all and he is a severe diabetic.


  • 5
    Madeleine Spence

    I have been using Lakanto for about 7 years and will continue to do so. It’s a great product! It doesn’t raise blood sugar in diabetics and it tastes great. I use it in baking and also in porridge which I make from organic steel cut oats. I also use goat’s milk and add a little coconut oil, organic lemon rind and cinnamon. I can’t think of a better breakfast with the addition of fresh fruit and berries. Donna Gates sells Lakanto. She is easy to find. Just google it.


  • 6

    So your going to bash others and promote your own product.


  • 7

    How does it compare with Agave? Have Raw Foodists adopted it? Where could I find Coconut Nectar as an optional sweetener? Thank you.


  • 8

    I am giving it a 5 although I have not baked with it. What would the baking look like? Does it rise? Does it crisp up? I like the no after taste, I do not like the price for a 8.29 oz (16.99) Cdn. which is not 2 cups, so for baking, it is way too expensive. It is from Vancouver, why can we not order it for much less on line? Finally, something from Canada, and we can’t even get a break???


  • 9

    I enjoyed your article very much and would like to try Lakanto,but I am having a hard time finding it in the East of Toronto area. Have you heard of this product in my area.


    Your Name

    No, you have to buy it from online suppliers my natural market but it is very expensive


  • 10

    Since Lakanto is made of mostly Erythritol(99.8%), could the(.2%) of Luo Han Guo Fruit Extract make such a huge diference that people claim is superior to pure Erythritol and eliminates all of Erythritol’s side effects? The internet is full of complaints about fermented Erythritol’s side effects.


  • 11

    Your evaluation of Lakanto falls short. Lack of research doesn’t bode well as a reason to not use the product. Let us not forget every other imitation sweetner that had no research and has now over many years proven to be harmful to humans. The pros that you claim as beneficial disprove the cons that you list. Thanks for helping me make up my mind in the positive about this product. I wonder if you were anti Stevia too?


  • 12

    Okay so where can i get this fabulous product from?

    I live in Oz…



    I’m not sure where OZ? Is but if you have internet to to they carry it. Good luck.



    Amazon carries it, but it IS very expensive.


  • 13

    i love lakanto,no longer addicted to sugar. yes,i eat organic mostly but i loved my sugar- now i can take it or leave it & i lost 16 pounds without dieting & i couldn’t do that b4 no matter how little i ate.i had blood sugar problems & now thats a thing of the past & i feel great. i started eating it last sept.


  • 14

    I am not sure why this women gave Lakanto the harsh review that she did. Unless she another product, she is trying to sell. I personally, really like Laknato and I will keep using it. It is the best Sugar substitute I have tried with taste remarkably close to brown sugar. I also like the way it bakes in cookies and other baked goods that I make. My Thanksgiving was a success with Lakanto, and my family had no idea that I used Lakanto, and they did not complain of any stomach of Intestinal problems with this sugar. But everyone is different. . .so, I would say just give it a try. If I complain at all it’s only the cost. But if enough of us start to like it, than the price will go down. At least that is my hope. In the meantime, I am going to splurge and buy Laknato, because it works for me and my family. I don’t care what the interviewer had to say, cause in my mind she was really out to lunch and probably had an agenda of some kind.


  • 15

    Greg – haven’t seen Lakanto in other products. Had it at friends house over several days – no bloating or diarrhea at all and it was delicious. Her young kids use it daily in cereal and have no problems either. Best sugar sub I’ve ever had! sells smaller sizes – haven’t seen it in stores. only has big size (800g) but has great info about it.


  • 16
    Elizabeth Kipp

    I found ‘Erythritol’ to be an alcohol, not a sugar, hence the ‘ol’ ending in the word
    ‘Erythritol’.Do you agree? If so, you may want to reword your very interesting review.



    Yes, it is under an Alcohol Sugar, but it is the only one that is fermented. At least by Laknato there Erytyitol is fermented, which is what I believe makes the difference in how it effects the body.



    I thought the fermentation is what makes it an alcohol. Are there alcohols that are not fermented?


  • 17

    I think this is excellent, it tastes amazing, no aftertaste at all and it tastes close to a combination between brown sugar and grape sugar to me. I have very sensitive teeth with damaged enamel and I felt instantly that this has no bad effect on my teeth! I think this is great for special occasions when I make raw food treats for friends and such. I hate to use any other fake sweetener and all the more natural ones are so carby and high glycemic. Stevia is what I use every day, but the taste isn’t that great. I won’t use Lakanto every day because I don’t really believe that it would not have any caloric or glycemic impact. Sugar alcohols in themselves aren’t the most healthy substances. Lakanto is light brown so it doesn’t seem to be bleached which is great. I give this product an A+ and am happy to give my money to this Japanese company and to Donna Gates, as opposed to corporations who manufacture Splenda, aspartame or other dangerous crap.


  • 18

    Do any companys currently use lakanto in there products that i could try?
    Also I have tons of trouble with the sugar alchohols giving me diarreah can anyone verify the claims that this is truely better?
    Also can you buy this at a store yet or is it only over the internet?
    Thanks and very interested


  • 19

    This is the BEST sugar substitute I have ever tried. It is the only one that tastes great in coffee and works extremely well when baking. There is no aftertaste and it has not spiked my blood sugar (Hypoglycemia) or my girlfriends (Diabetes). As for the expense, one bag lasts quite a long time unless you are doing a lot of baking. What I don’t understand is your warning claims on this product?


  • 20

    Does it have an aftertaste. the only reason i don’t use artificial sweetners and stick to sugar, honey etc is due to the after taste. Please let me know. thanks!


  • 21

    While it is true that Lakanto is expensive, it has the best flavor of any similar product I have tried. And it works well in cooking and baking.


  • 22

    Sorry I forgot to add the excerpt. Duh!
    Where Does It Come From? The Lakanto Story in Brief…

    Coincidently (if there is such a thing) at the very same time that I began providing stevia to America, a prominent business man in Japan began a quest to find an even closer substitute for sugar.

    He owned Saraya Corporation, a company with an excellent reputation for bringing healthy products to the Japanese consumer. In fact, after the war ended Japan was devastated, and besides starvation and homelessness, sanitation was a serious concern. Saraya Corporation introduced a gargling machine that was (and still is) used in schools, businesses, restaurants and hospitals all over Japan. These gargling machines greatly reduced the number of illnesses and even saved countless lives.

    Saraya Corporation also became the Japanese leader in environmentally safe cleaning products for personal, home and commercial use. Their excellent products are made with coconut oil. Today Saraya Corporation devotes millions of dollars each year to provide protection and safe homelands to the pygmy elephants living in the regions where their coconuts are harvested.

    Just as I do, Mr. Saraya has a deep interest in our children’s health so he challenged his team of brilliant researches and scientists to develop the perfect natural sugar substitute. After two and a half years of relentless experimentation, Lakanto was introduced and has now become Japan’s third most popular sweetener…behind sugar (and sadly) aspartame.

    I believe that the synchronicity between Mr Saraya’s intentions and my own allowed our worlds to eventually be drawn together, and today Lakanto can be a part of your world as well.

    Now you can see why my friend Saraya-san and I are both excited to be offering his patented sweet “secret” to the United States.



    Very interesting, thanks Donna!


  • 23

    Donna Gates did not invent Lakanto a Japanese Company did, see this excerpt from Donna,s website.


  • 24

    Lakanto is awesome. I’ve done extensive investigating into sweeteners, and it gets an A from me overall as an alternative. All sweeteners are still either sugar or fake sugar, all of which will have an effect on insulin levels, among other things. But for those who are trying to rebalance their inner ecosystem, this will help. It is spendy, but if you are trying to reduce substances that cause yeast overgrowth, are trying to reduce sugar cravings, etc, etc, you shouldn’t be banging down a lot of any type of sweetener. Period. I disagree about appetite suppression. If this is used partly to clear sugar out of the system, your appetite should regulate if that is a one of your problems. That said, no–it’s not full of stimulants and such, which indeed suppress appetite. And why should it? Those are a short-term solution at best, if not potential ingredients for long-term health issues, adrenal burnout being just one of the many. Most seeking out this product will be overhauling their lifestyles, not looking for a quick fix, partly due to the fact that Donna Gates and other Body Ecology practitioners are the few who distribute it. BTW, I am not a BED practitioner, and I don’t stand to gain anything at all from talking Lakanto up. I’m a health care pracitioner who has had good success with this product personally and professionally (recommending to patients). Thank you. Good luck with your NATURAL health endeavors.



    I love Lakanto. I can no longer find it on the internet. Where can I buy it?


  • 25
    Lisa Westerfield

    Lakanto was developed by Donna Gates not Yates.

    As for the product… the price is high but it does taste good and I’ve not noticed any side effects. So far, I’ve had much success improving my digestion with the cultured coconut and vegetable products that Body Ecology sells – While I was able to get by using the Specific Carbohydrate Diet – I was not able to cheat at all till I incorporated cultured coconut water and vegetables.



    Changed it, thanks Lisa. Good tip!


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