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There are millions of dieters who want to lose weight without having to exercise or exert their body in any way. At first glance, the Lazy Chick Diet may appeal to that need, but dieting for weight loss requires more than slimming ingredients and weight loss supplements. Dieters need to move to improve overall health and build bone mass. Moreover, exercise improves mood and sleep, so the dieter feels better and loses weight faster. The official website for the Lazy Chick Diet sells an eBook explaining the diet in detail, but there are only a few clues here and there available to readers interested in the plan.

List of Ingredients

eBook promising 20 pounds of weight loss in 6 weeks.

Product Features

In just 6 weeks a dieter can lose 20 pounds without spending hours at the gym or taking supplements that might be dangerous. This is the tag line for the Lazy Chick Diet and so many others offering irrelevant weight loss information. The official website offers nothing to the dieter. There are a few hints thrown in here and there, however, that give us a little information on the plan.

The author mentions toxins causing weight gain. Most often, if toxins are mentioned, a portion of the diet is aimed on detoxing the body or colon cleansing. There is also a free eBook included with purchase providing salad recipes. Does this mean the dieter will be eating lots of salads on the Lazy Chick Diet? We believe so.

Propaganda is also thrown in for good measure, some being threatening in nature. The author claims dieters need to make a change now or “it could be fatal.” There is also mention of finding that dream man once you have lost weight and he can see “what he didn’t know he has got with you!” There are more unrealistic claims and outrageous statements on the website than honest to goodness information. If the author is not willing to address details about the diet plan, the eBook is likely created with information already known or available free on the Internet.

The price of the Lazy Chick Diet is $47. The price is 100% refundable.

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  • Promotes making lifestyle changes for weight loss.


  • Cost is more than most eBook programs.
  • There are no details about the diet on the official website.
  • No mention of exercise program.
  • Threatening comments about death being linked to weight gain.


The eBook market is simple. The author writes and eBook and then promotes it to people who want to lose weight. There is no one to police the information and many people often take the author’s words as complete truth despite having no information on who actually wrote the eBook.

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