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There is very little trustworthy information on the Leaky Gut Diet. The diet was created for patients with Leaky Gut syndrome. Unfortunately, many medical professionals do not recognize the syndrome as a real medical condition, thus the lacking information. On the topic of leaky gut, medical professionals appear split; some believe the condition is a very real possibility, especially for patients with food allergies or celiac disease and others claim the condition simply does not exist.

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  • Diet to reduce symptoms of leaky gut syndrome.

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Based on various informational sources online, leaky gut syndrome causes inflammation, gas, bloating and abdominal pain. Some sources claim acne, heartburn, insomnia and malnutrition are also associated with the condition. The walls of the intestines are damaged and this allows toxins and bacteria to leech into the bloodstream. Reduced healthy bacteria levels impede digestion leading to even more symptoms and issues.

The Leaky Gut Diet aims to improve digestion, reduce inflammation and keep foods moving through the intestines with ease. This means eating a diet rich in probiotics and other healthy bacteria, increasing fiber intake and skipping foods you are allergic to or that commonly cause inflammation. Dieters should skip processed and fast foods relying more on whole foods like fruits, vegetables and lean sources of animal protein.

The Leaky Gut Diet may not promote weight loss for all dieters, but skipping processed and fast foods may spark weight loss – so there are benefits to following a Leaky Gut Diet plan. However, there are no trusted resources providing information on just how you should eat when following the Leaky Gut Diet. Some doctors suggest an anti-inflammatory diet, which often suggests eating more fruits, vegetables, omega fatty acids and whole grains and less sugar, processed food and fast food. There is a good chance the Leaky Gut Diet is based on the anti-inflammatory diet.

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  • We were able to find a few decent references to the condition and Leaky Gut Diet programs.


  • Few doctors recognize Leaky Gut syndrome as a medical condition.


If you feel you are suffering from Leaky Gut syndrome, try following an anti-inflammatory diet rich in probiotics, fiber, fruits and vegetables. Skip foods that do not exist in nature – man-made foods like white pasta, white sugar, white flour and artificial ingredients. Food allergy testing may provide insight into the offending foods allowing you to skip those foods when planning your Leaky Gut Diet.

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