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The Lean Body Burn company seems to have withdrawn their official website for the weight loss product they once offered. Presently, there is a static page with customer service information. From the information we could gather, the Lean Body Burn company sold Acai Berry Detox supplements with a free trial offer. The free trial turned out to cost consumers a minimum of $87.47 in fraudulent charges as the credit card used for shipping costs of the free trial was used over and over again for charges that were never authorized.

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No official ingredient list could be found for Lean Body Burn, nor could information about the specific product offered by the company. What we did find was a few references to acai berry and detox. Neither the acai berry nor any detox program will significantly increase weight loss over the long term. Acai is an antioxidant and detoxing will cause temporary water loss, but that weight will return naturally when the detox ends.

As for Lean Body Burn, the company has many complaints filed against them for stealing money from consumers. The way most free trials work is the customer receives a small supply of the supplement for free but must pay for shipping and handling. This means giving credit card information to the company. In the case of Lean Body Burn, the initial shipping charge would go through and then charges of $87.47 would start coming up month after month. It does not appear that the company returned the money to any of the consumers filing complaints.

We do believe in using supplements to lose weight, but consumers and dieters need to research the company online before giving out any credit card information. There is always the chance the company will overcharge the card and run, which is the case with many unknown supplement companies.

The initial cost for the Lean Body Burn trial was less than $4.00. The subsequent charges were $87.47 each, but product was not received by the customers in most cases.

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  • Supplements can increase weight loss.


  • No official website.
  • The product is no longer for sale.
  • No ingredient list.
  • Many complaints of stolen money.


When it comes to manufacturing and selling a weight loss supplement, the process is simple. Anyone can start a diet website and sell weight loss supplements, but that does not mean everyone is trustworthy. The Lean Body Burn website, company and product are not going to be the most effective and according to consumers, the company will steal money from the bank account linked to the credit card. This is a project we would have to suggest dieters stay away from at all cost.

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