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Every once in a while, a PhD student changes the world. We assume Bill Willis had no intention of changing the world, but he did manage to create a sought after weight loss program while attending Ohio State University. The Lean Body Diet is presented as a balanced carbohydrate, fat and protein diet. It is a controlled calorie plan, but the information is presented in a manner that is difficult to understand and even more difficult to read. There are multiple typos, spelling mistakes and grammar mistakes in the brief description. We expected more from a PhD student.

List of Ingredients

Controlled calorie diet consisting of protein, carbohydrates and healthy fats.

Product Features

Sex sells and that is exactly what the author of the Lean Body Diet uses to sell campus men on his diet plan. The author is a PhD candidate, but the sentence structure, grammar errors, spelling errors and irregular sentences throughout lead us to assume one of two things. Either the author paid someone else to write a description of the Lean Body Diet or the student is not well versed in English grammar.

The basics of the Lean Body Diet are the same replayed fitness suggestions. Find out how many calories your body burns each day. Eat fewer calories based on that number. Workout to shred muscles and get the hot girl instead of the fat girl at the bar (the author references the “fat” girl more than once.)

Male students at Ohio State University are supposed to eat healthy seven days a week and skip binge drinking and fast food. The exact breakdown of carbohydrates, fats and proteins is described in articles on the Campus Men website.

The author does throw in a personal plug at the end of the diet description. For a nominal fee, he will create the perfect diet and fitness plan; complete with supplement suggestions. The plan is discussed on the phone or via email.

What is the end result of all this dieting and exercise? Well, when the follower gets in shape, they can apply to become a Campus Man. The elite club requires a picture. The author suggests taking the picture at an angle to make biceps look bigger in the photo.

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  • The author offers some solid nutritional advice.
  • Supplements are supported for weight loss and muscle growth.


  • Uses women as a reason to get fit.
  • Refers to women as “fat.”
  • Does not appear to be written by a PhD candidate.
  • Phone and email consultations are billed at an undisclosed fee.
  • No clinical support for any of the diet and fitness claims.


Reading the information on the Lean Body Diet by Bill Willis was difficult. The description is choppy and multiple words are misspelled. The author does not appear to have any idea how to transition from one idea to another and little nutritional information is provided. The main push of the diet is girls and looking hot. But, what else is there in college, right?

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