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Lean Dreams is an nighttime supplement designed by ALR Industries. This product is meant to counterbalance effects of daytime stimulant enhanced supplements. In Lean Dream’s description, the importance of sleep is reiterated. ALR claims that this formula can facilitate fat burning while you sleep. They also promise an increase in relaxation and recovery from exercise. This formula is very innovative and could possibly show significant losses in weight. However, the ingredients are muddled with confusing science backing their claims. Here, we will try to figure out if this formula could produce any results.


Lean Body Modulation Proprietary-Matrix: Oleamide, L-Trytophan Ethyl Ester, Ziziphus jujubaPE 2% Jujubosides, Valeriana Officinalis Root Extract, Scutellaria baicalensis Root PE 90% Baicalin, Berberine, Salvia Officianlis Proprietary Exract, Rotundine, Magnolia officinalis Bark PE 90% Magnolol/Honokiol, Piperine and Melatonin.

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The ingredients in Lean Dreams responsible for the sleep inducing effects are Oleamide, L-Tryptophan, Jujuba, Valerian, Rotundine, and Melatonin. Out of those ingredients the only ones that are supported with scientific evidence to influence sleep are Valerian and Melatonin. The amount of these substances found in each serving is unknown, making it unclear how effective each dosage is. ALR states that half of our growth hormones are secreted during sleep. Therefore, weight loss would be enhanced by GH stimulation overnight, because of its aid in building muscle. Berberine and Hispidulin are the two ingredients responsible for GH support. Berberine lacks in depth research supporting a relation to Growth Hormones. This ingredient is typically used as an antibiotic. Hispidulin is an extract from Sage and shows no significance in hormone growth. Another hormone that Lean Dreams targets is Cortisol, which can breakdown muscle and effect fat storage. Inhibiting Cortisol could produce antianxiety effects. Magnolia extract and Baicalin are responsible for these results. Both substances do not relate to Cortisol modulation in any significant clinical studies.

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  • Ingredients are not addictive.
  • Can be found at heavily discounted prices online.


  • Makes you sweat harder during sleep.
  • Most ingredients lack proper research linking them to their purpose.


A product like this could be very beneficial to a weight loss program. For example, lets say you take a product with stimulants before you have dinner or go to the gym in the evening. That stimulant will stay in your system for hours, even after your energy level has crashed, and keep you awake at night. This is especially true for people taking supplements with caffeine, guarana or any heavy stimulants. Lean Dream has the potential to be very useful, yet it has not been tested enough to be deemed safe and effective.

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    latarsha nixon

    how does it work.


  • 2

    the lean dreams gave me nightmares, I gave them to a friend and she too was unable to sleep, seems like a promising product except for the lack of sleep and night terrors



    I sleep great and haven’t had any nightmares



    Did they work for u angela ?