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Lean Fire v2 Inferno is manufactured by INSTONE, a noted weight loss supplement manufacturer. We could not find an official site for this product, but it seems to be offered for from a number of third-party online stores. Those vendors who are selling Lean Fire v2 Inferno tell us that this diet supplement “attacks” body fat from all angles, and that it serves as a whole body partitioning agent to keep fats out of the system. They say that Lean Fire v2 Inferno also contains several specific fat loss compounds that are designed to burn fat as fuel, and that this supplement unlocks the key to losing fat in specific areas. They claim also that it contains adregernic amines, which function to increase your metabolic rate.


The ingredients in Lean Fire v2 Inferno consist of: Synephrine, Yohimbe HC1, Green Tea Extract, Caffeine Anhydrous, E and 2 Guggelsterones, Sclareolide, Piper Nigrum and Capscium Annum.

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Online stores that sell Lean Fire v2 Inferno tell us that you should take one to two capsules twice daily before meals or exercise. They further tell us that you should gradually increase to two capsules taken twice every day, but that you should not exceed four capsules per day. We are also told that users should discontinue taking Lean Fire v2 Inferno two weeks before any planned surgery, and that users should not take this supplement continually for more than eight weeks. You should also stop taking Lean Fire v2 Inferno immediately if you experience a rapid heart beat, severe headache or dizziness. There is also a long list of product warnings for Lean Fire v2 Inferno. Certainly anyone who is considering using this product should carefully read the warnings for Lean Fire v2 Inferno. The product can be ordered directly online at a price of $30.95. It is sold in liquid capsule form.

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  • The warnings for this product are very clearly stated.
  • There is a full list of ingredients available for Lean Fire v2 Inferno.
  • Lean Fire v2 Inferno can be ordered directly on line.


  • Some experts warn that Synephrine, which is present in Lean Fire v2 Inferno, may increase the risk of stroke or heart attack.
  • You should not take this product is you are taking aspirin or any form of anti-depressant, or have a thyroid problem.
  • Lean Fire v2 Inferno may be dangerous for anyone who has any kind of heart or blood pressure problem due to the inclusion of the hazardous stimulant Yohimbe.
  • Lean Fire v2 Inferno is not a product that can be used in the long term.


The list of warnings associated with this product is so long and extensive that we would certainly advise anyone who is considering taking this weight loss supplement to seek the advice of their family physician before doing so. Considering the number of healthy thermogenic stimulants currently available, it’s a bit of a mystery why anyone would picking Lean Fire v2 Inferno.

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