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The Lean Plate Club is a free tool available through The Washington Post. The club is free to join and it teaches people about the importance of making healthy lifestyle changes to lose weight. There are no drastic changes and some dieters take more than one year to achieve weight loss goals. Slow and steady weight loss tends to come from simple changes that are easy to maintain. Cutting out all calories, fat or carbohydrates at one time may make it easy to lose weight right now, but maintaining that weight loss is hard. The Lean Plate Club promotes those simple life changes.

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Tips, information and success stories from people losing more than 30 pounds.

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The Lean Plate Club offers simple life changes for weight loss. There is a weekly column in The Washington Post, a weekly radio show and weekly chat for members of the club. From the start, dieters are told this program is not about shedding weight drastically or depriving the body of food. It is about making habitual lifestyle changes to promote weight loss, like adding in exercise, eating smaller portions and sharing your experiences with others. The success stories listed on the Lean Plate Club website show people from across the United States who have lost weight through a myriad of lifestyle changes. None followed similar diets, but all successfully found the right diet to lose weight and all regard exercise as being an important part of that success.

In addition to weight loss information, there are tools, tips and recipes on the Lean Plate Club website. The website is housed on the official website for The Washington Post as the virtual program goes hand in hand with a weekly column. We did not find any clear cut diet or exercise plan. The club may offer tips for the dieter, but the dieter must find the right diet and exercise program to lose weight on their own. Taking control of weight loss is hard for many dieters, so unless willpower is strong, they could easily stop reporting in to the website and fall off the plan.

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  • Free website filled with healthy recipes and weight loss information.
  • Before and after photos are available for all testimonials.


  • No testimonials are available for people losing less than 30 pounds.
  • No clear cut diet or exercise plan.


The Lean Plate Club is a social meeting place with tons of healthy information. We love the fact that the club is available through a trusted source of information like The Washington Post, but we find it hard to follow what the site actually offers other than tips and success stories.

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