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What You Should Know

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Lean Slim Ultra is a weight loss supplement on the market that claims to be able to help you lose weight and burn fat, to get even better results than with diet and exercise alone. Take a look at this review to learn more about the product and its ingredients to determine whether or not you want to use this product to reach your weight loss goals.

List of Ingredients

Lean Slim Ultra contains the following ingredients:

  • Acai Berry Extract 4:1
  • Green Tea Extract
  • Caffeine Anhydrous
  • Apple Cider Vinegar Powder
  • Kelp
  • Grape Fruit Powder

Product Features

Lean Slim Ultra contains several different ingredients. Acai Berry Extract comes from the acai berry, which is known as a superfood because of its high nutrient and antioxidant content. Even though it is a healthy food, there is not really enough evidence to support that it helps promote weight loss. Green tea extract is a source of caffeine, which helps to boost energy levels and increase the body’s fat burning power. Caffeine Anhydrous is a dehydrated, and thereby stronger, form of caffeine, which serves to give you more energy and help boost fat burning power. Apple cider vinegar is thought to help people lose weight, but there is little evidence to support the claims. Kelp is used as an appetite suppressant, to help you eat less without feeling as hungry, and help to combat against cravings. Grape fruit powder contains the chemical nanagrin, which is thought to help increase the metabolism to burn more fat and weight. For best results, this product claims that it should be used in conjunction with Lean Slim Cleanse.

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  • Lean Slim Ultra contains clinically proven ingredients known to help you burn fat and suppress the appetite.


  • Lean Slim Ultra’s website is not very informative.
  • We cannot see the ingredient amounts, as they are hidden in a proprietary blend, so we cannot tell you how effective the formula would be.
  • There is no pricing information available for this product.
  • There are no customer testimonials to support this product.
  • There may or may not be a money back guarantee to support this product.


Lean Slim Ultra looks like it could help you with your weight loss. However, just because something contains the right ingredients does not mean it will be effective. It has to contain the right amount of the ingredients to be able to produce results. We see no information about the other product promoted with this one, and there are no recommendations to use this product with diet and exercise. You should never rely on a weight loss supplement to do all the work for you. If this was the case, then all we would have to do is take a pill every day and we would all be skinny.

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5 User Reviews about Lean Slim Ultra

  • 1

    Now very concerned. Ordered trial of two products following newspaper article. Received items after 10 days. Read info., and annoyed to read automatic payments 14 days after order placed. Called number given and cancelled future order. Phone line awful but assured ok??



    Apologies. May have different product. I have Slim Lean, not Lean Slim. Still slightly concerned as mentioned in post.


  • 2

    Dont know if it works or not but reading this should make you wary of how/where you obtain it?? (found on web search)

    Lean Slim Ultra
    Complaint 255614 Details Scan your bills for fraudThumbs up 0 Thumbs down Flag
    Date Occurred: 06/26/2013Reported Damages: $139.94Location: Edinburgh
    I applied for a free trial on 12th June costing me £4.94 in postage and packing. The items were delivered by the 15th June 2013 but by then I have read all the reviews about them and contacted their customer services on Mon 17th June 2013 and managed to get RMA numbers and sent the items back by recorded delivery the same day. Items signed for on 19th June 2013. I said in the call to customer services that I wanted them to destroy my debit details and if any further money was taken from my account it would be fraud as it was not authorised. I was told no more money would be taken out. I followed everything they said and jumped through every hoop, but I had warned my bank about it too. When I have checked my bank account I have seen that 2 amounts of £69.97 were taken out of my account on 26th June 2013. I have informed my bank and reported it to Action Fraud. I have tried to send a recorded delivery letter to the only address there is for the company and they have refused to sign for it. I have tried to email the only address I can find for them but it bounces back. This is scam company and have taken £139.94 which I can ill afford to loose.



    I have just experienced the same as you. I read an advert posted by Channel 4 indicating that one of their employees had trialled the Slim Lean and Pure Colon Cleanser and had lost a lot of weight in a small amount of time. Even though I have been losing weight I thought it wouldn’t harm in getting a boost. I have since, like you, seen all of the bad press. I have contacted my bank today and they have promised me that if any more money is taken they will get it back for me. They do say send them back recorded but how can you do that to a PO Box?? Keep on trying to get your money as I will not rest until I do. Good luck.


  • 3

    can you take orlistat 120mg with leanslim ultra