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Lean XP is manufactured by a company called NX Care Inc. There is no official website for Lean XP, but those selling this weight loss product tell us that Lean XP is “a revolutionary formula” that maximizes fat loss and delivers weight loss results fast. We are also told that, while you’re dieting, Lean XP will reduce your hunger cravings and help you stick to your new low carb lifestyle. A number of the main active ingredients in Lean XP are ingredients that are commonly found in other weight loss products on sale today. These ingredients include Hoodia Gordonii, Gymnema Sylvestre and Green Leaf Extract. Anyone that is interested in the topics of weight loss and appetite suppressants will, of course, know that Green Leaf Extract and Hoodia Gordonii are two of the most commonly found ingredients in weight loss products on the market today.


The ingredients contained in Lean XP are: Satilean, Glucomannan, Hoodia Gordonii Cactus, Simthin Jojoba Seed Extract, Glucolean, Kidney Bean Extract, Cassis Nomame Extract, Thermolean, Caffeine- Free Green Tea Leaf Extract, Gymnema Sylvestre Leaf Extract and Cocoa Bean Extract.

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There is no official website for Lean XP, but the product can be ordered from online shops for the price of $22.95 for 150 capsules. We are told by those selling Lean XP that you should take three capsules with eight ounzes of water before lunch and before dinner. Glucomannan, which is present in Lean XP, is a soluable fibre. It absorbs water and forms a gel like mass in the stomach, which apparently abates hunger pangs by provoking a feeling of fullness. Another active ingredient, Hoodia Gordonii, is a cactus that is said to have appetite suppressant qualities. It grows in the desert in South Africa and is eaten by Native Bushmen in the Kalahari region of South Africa to stave of hunger, when they leave to go on long hunting trips. Green Leaf Tea Extract, which is also present in Lean XP, is known to be high in antioxidants, which means it has beneficial qualities for general health and is said to increase the metabolism of the body, thus procuring weight loss. All of these ingredients, however, are commonly found in other weight loss products, as are the other ingredients contained in Lean XP.

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  • Lean XP can be ordered directly on line.
  • There is a comprehensive list of ingredients for Lean XP.
  • Lean XP is reasonably priced.


  • There seems to be no money back guarantee offered with this product.
  • There is no free trial period offered.
  • The ingredients in Lean XP are commonly found in other weight loss products.
  • The source of the Hoodia Gordonii featured in Lean XP is not clear, making it difficult to determine its purity.


Unfortunately the ingredients in Lean XP are ingredients that are found in a whole host of other weight loss products for sale. We simply do not have any evidence that it is superior to these other products for sale, and so we cannot get to excited about Lean XP compared to its rivals.

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