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Leandro Carvalho is world-renowned fitness trainer and instructor. He began his career in the streets of Brazil and subsequently became certified in several fitness disciplines. When he moved to the United States, he began to teach fitness classes and this is where Brazilian Butt Lift was created. Over the course of several years, his program transformed the lives of the average dieter as well as the superstar. After the success of the DVD’s, Leandro Carvalho started his own fitness studio in New York. We will take a closer look to see if his techniques are ideal for all or just the super elite.

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World-class celebrity trainer and fitness professional.

Product Features

When dieters look through the official Leandro Carvalho website, they are greeted with a wealth of knowledge relating to the trainer as well as his available fitness programs, including Brazilian Butt Lift. You have the ability to review his training schedule and make an appointment in the New York studio. Testimonials are available from past and current clients of Leandro Carvalho. The website features a FAQ section and an area where you can contact Leandro Carvalho directly.

One key to the Leandro Carvalho website is the testimonial page. You will notice several individual which tell of amazing results. One thing you will not notice is links to clinical trials or scientific research. Having any program produce verifiable results is important to the viability of the program.

Although there is a link to purchase Brazilian Butt Lift, individuals do not have the ability to locate the cost of personal training. We can only assume the price is out of the reach of the average dieter. If you are willing to stick with Brazilian Butt Lift, you will pay approximately $120 for the 3-month program.

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  • The DVD’s are affordable.
  • His program can be performed in the comfort of the home.
  • Several online testimonials profess the success of the program.
  • Leandro Carvalho is certified in several areas of fitness.
  • Leandro Carvalho provides information relating to diet and supplementation.


  • His programs are not designed for all individuals.
  • Personal training sessions are expensive.
  • Individuals may not have the opportunity to train directly with Leandro Carvalho.


We like Leandro Carvalho. He is a certified trainer and fitness enthusiast. His training methods have assisted countless dieters reach their goals and improve overall health and well-being. We would have liked to see more about the cost of his training and not just the signature program Brazilian Butt Lift.

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