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Leanfire is a weight loss pill that relies on the concept of thermogenics to burn fat. Thermogenesis is a process in the body that increases metabolism and begins to break down adipose (fat) tissue. Thermogenesis can be triggered by substances such as caffeine and green tea. Leanfire contains several active ingredients known or suspected for their thermogenic properties. The Leanfire website does a thorough job of explaining each ingredient and its effect on the body and cites clinical studies on each ingredient if available. We like to see references to scientific research on ingredients, since many weight loss aids contain unproven ingredients that are likely to be ineffective.

Although Leanfire cannot be purchased directly from the official website, it appears to be widely available through online retailers. It retails for around $32 for a one month supply which is competitive. We were unable to locate a manufacturer’s guarantee which is always something we look for in a quality product, nor could we find customer testimonials or before and after pictures showing actual weight loss with the product.


The active ingredients in Leanfire are: 7 – Keto DHEA, caffeine, EGCG, tyrosine, rhodiola rosea roots, evodia rutaecarpa, e & z guggelsterones. Other ingredients: gelatin, silicon dioxide, magnesium stearate.

Product Features

Lean Fire’s two main active ingredients are 7- Keto DHEA and caffeine. 7-Keto DHEA is a derivative of DHEA- an adrenal steroid that increases thermogenic processes in the body. Caffeine is a well-known thermogenic and, coupled with 7-Keto DHEA, it may indeed provide a marked increase in metabolic function and increase in fat burning.

We like to see the inclusion of EGCG, which is a component of green tea. Green tea is also clinically-proven to be a thermogenic substance. However, we prefer formulations that include green tea extract as there are many components in green tea that may also help with weight loss.

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  • May cause a thermogenic effect in the body.
  • Widely available at online retailers.


  • Cannot purchase directly from manufacturer’s website.
  • No money-back guarantee offered.
  • No indication of testing of the product itself; only the ingredients.


The formulation of Leanfire appears to be well-thought out and thorough. We like that the company has taken the time to explain the ingredients on its website and we believe that there is merit in some of its ingredients. We would have been more impressed with the product if the company had shown results of clinical trials on Leanfire, not just on its components, along with customer testimonials, both of which allow the consumer to make a more informed decision about the potential effectiveness of the product. Not offering a money-back guarantee, however, leads us to recommend that consumers continue their search for a proven weight-loss product with a company that stands behind it.

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