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What You Should Know

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Leangenix is manufactured by the BodyXcellence company in Las Vegas, NV USA. The supplement contains no heavy stimulants and information attempts to establish credibility for the ingredients used. Leangenix is formulated with thermogenic and appetite suppressing ingredients, according to the supplement description. Aside from a small name and date at the bottom of easy referenced study, there is no other information on where these clinical trials were published.

List of Ingredients


Proprietary Blend of Metabolic Activators: ForsLean, Cocoa Extract, Green Tea, 7-Keto and Bioperine.

Product Features

The good old proprietary blend. Leangenix hides ingredient totals behind a proprietary blend of ingredients. A supplement manufacturer does not have to reveal how much of an ingredient is in a supplement to claim the name on the label. Labels are, however, listed from highest concentration to lowest. That means the main action of Leangenix is appetite suppression. Slimaluma is an appetite suppressant that claims to have been used in times of famine to curb hunger. Slimaluma claims research studies that support its effect on hunger and improved weight loss, but both studies combined had fewer than 40 active participants. Some lost “significant weight” and others did not.

ForsLean is the next ingredient and it is often used to increase lean muscle or protect lean muscle during weight loss. Cocoa Extract is supposed to give the brain a boost by raising serotonin levels. There may be some support for this theory at chocolate high in cocoa tends to improve mood, but not all dieters feel down or need a mood boost to lose weight.

Green Tea is one of our favorite ingredients. Proven to spark metabolism and improve overall health, there is no better ingredient to include in a weight loss supplement like Leangenix. We would like to know how much is in there, however. 7-Keto, a derivative of DHEA, causes thermogenesis, or so say the claims. There is some evidence that 7-Keto has thermogenic properties, but again we have no idea how much is in Leangenix. Bioperine, or black pepper, is another thermogenic ingredient with little or no support.

There is a free trial offered, but users are placed on an auto-ship program and charged $60 per bottle for the trial bottle and future bottle if the supplement is not returned within 21 days of ordering.

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  • Ingredient list found online.
  • Free trial offered.


  • Most ingredients are in a proprietary blend.
  • Auto-ship programs often lead to misunderstanding and additional charges.
  • The formula is not effective if the dieter has no idea how much of each ingredient is included.


We do not support Leangenix because there is not enough information on the supplement to make a judgment. There are a few good ingredients, but there could be only a trace leaving the dieter out of money and with no proven weight loss supplement.

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