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If you visit a general nutrition and supplement store or surf the web, you will notice that there are countless supplements to select from. As for which ones will actually benefit you, this is something that must be investigated further. The first thing you should ask yourself is what are you trying to do or accomplish. This will set you on the right track. In this review, we will further examine Lecithin, and give you the scoop on this substance.

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Lecithin is a substance used in many supplement formulas these days. Actually this substance is a compound, which is made up of choline and fatty acids. More specifically, it is a phospholidid, and the most common one found in the human body. If you are unclear as to what phospholipids are, they are essentially cells that envelope other cells to protect them. It is important to know that Lecithin is phosphatidyl choline in a purified form. Also known as PC, it can be found in various meats like pork, beef, and lamb. You can also find Lecithin in wheat germ, soybeans, oatmeal, eggs, and peanuts. Nowadays there are a number of supplements that provide specific portions or doses of Lecithin.

Put simply, Lecithin can assist you by supporting brain functioning, encouraging nerve health, and aiding with good cardiovascular health. It helps transfer fats in and out of cells, and does the same with nutrients and waste. If you consider that the human brain is made of 25 percent phospholipids, it is clear that Lecithin can be beneficial to health. However, as with anything, proper dosage is important. While you do not want too little, you do not want too much either. Overall, vital organs and muscles depend on sufficient amounts of phospholipids. Supplements for Lecithin come in different forms. One form is a soft gel by Country Life, which can be taken in doses of three.

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  • Lecithin is commonly found in the human body, and is needed.
  • There are a number of supplements available that can help you get more of this substance.
  • There are typically no added ingredients in Lecithin supplements.


  • Too much Lecithin is not good for you.
  • Some of the foods this substance is found in are not healthy in regards to saturated fat content.
  • This substance does not aid with weight loss or muscle building.


All in all, Lecithin is basically a substance that is commonly found in humans, and is needed by humans daily. While you certainly get it in many foods, a supplement form may be necessary for some individuals. However, it is wise to speak with a licensed physician before taking supplements like this. Just so you understand, Lecithin is not intended to aid with fat reduction or muscle building.

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    I purchased the CVS Brand Lecithin 1200mg. It states to take 5 times a day. These are hugh capsules! I take anywhere from 2400 – 4800mg a day, with food. I am taking it for mild cognitive impairment and high cholesterol & LDL. In one month my total cholesterol dropped 7 points now considered borderline high. My HDL went up 6 points! and the LDL dropped 12 points – which now is considered within normal limits! I didn’t want to take presciption cholesterol meds so I’m trying this. So far no side effects and starting to get good lab results. Would highly recommend this supplement – regardless with brand you purchase.



    Forgot to add that I also started taking Niacin FF 500mg per day along with the Lecithin.


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    what is the correct dosis for lecithin???


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    Robert Kaiser

    Good day, Please advise, what is the correct amount of lecithin one can take daily as a supplement? Is 1200mg per day too much? Are there symptoms of too high a lecithin intake? Kind regards Robert Kaiser