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In 1975, a computer program was created that produced personalized diet plans using thousands of factors. At the time, technology was not as advanced as it is today, so the program was far too costly for consumer use. As technological advances grew, the program became less expensive and leDiet was born. At the heart of the leDiet development were two weight loss facts – typical diets most often failed and medications came with an increased risk of side effects. The creators of leDiet aimed to find a solution that would work on an individual basis with results every time.

List of Ingredients

Personalized diet program for weight loss.

Product Features

The leDiet program aims to help the follower eat a balanced menu while recognizing the dieter’s habits to create a plan that is non-invasive or difficult. Food intake is recorded weekly, not daily, so the dieter is not as worried about day to day eating habits. Foods are viewed on a larger scale giving the dieter more freedom to eat the foods they love, once in a while, without “cheating” on a given day. Foods are no prohibited on leDiet, but portion sizes and frequency of meals are controlled. Each individual is allowed the maximum number of calories that will still promote weight loss, so hunger is less of an issue.

The information on leDiet is a bit confusing. We are not sure whether the individual dieter can sign up for the program. The information leads us to believe the leDiet program is available through partners, which could include doctors and dieticians. It appears that leDiet is marketed through professionals who earn money for signing patients up for the weight loss program.

Testimonials are available for leDiet, but there are no before and after photos. There is no pricing information for leDiet, but it is not a free program.

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  • Personalized weight loss program.
  • Diet based on weekly progress not daily.
  • No foods are prohibited.
  • Dieter intake is modified by portion size and frequency.


  • We are unsure whether the dieter needs a professional to sign up for the program.
  • No before and after photos of weight loss.
  • No mention of supplements to promote weight loss.
  • Exercise is important, but it is not a part of the leDiet program.


We are intrigued by the leDiet weight loss plan. Typical diets are created as one size fits all, but everyone knows that no two dieters are alike. We love the fact that the plan allows all foods and that intake is measured weekly, not daily. This gives the dieter enough time to correct any slips along the way. We wish there was more information on how the dieter can join the leDiet program, as most of the information is geared toward a partner or affiliate.

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    kathleen ward

    you have been advised on numerous occasions to stop charging my credit card on a monthly basis as I no longer want contact with you, yet you keep charging me. If it happens once more I will refer to police to press charges against you.


    nathalie Assi

    Hi did they ever reimburse you?
    I am going through the same thing!
    I have been billed 10euros a month for 3 years for a service I did NOT request. I only paid for a ONE OFF profile and a personalised diet but certainly not for a 3 year subscription without my knowledge and consent.
    It is a fraud!