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Fad exercise machines are a dime a dozen. Many of these machines are associated with late night infomercials promising extraordinary weight loss, complete with testimonials, to people who want a quick and easy fix. The low price is often the driving force behind sales, but the lower price often means a simple machine that works only one muscle set. Combine 10 simple machines and the cost goes up dramatically – let’s say to the cost of a home gym. The words to look for are “As Seen on TV” and they are printed on the front page of the Leg Magic website.

List of Ingredients

Fitness machine that works leg muscles.

Product Features

Most dieters have no idea what the Hip Adductors and Abductors are, but the company selling the Leg Magic aims to change that. The fitness equipment is comprised of sliding foot platforms and a waist-high handle. The user stands on the moving foot platforms and moves the legs out then in then out then in. The motion works the outer thigh and inner thigh, also known as the adductors and abductors.

The Leg Magic machine is relatively small. It fits easily in small spaces like apartments and studios. The machine weights less than 20 pounds and comes almost completely assembled. The maximum user weight is 250 pounds.

While the sales page for the Leg Magic offers tons of reviews, there is a slight problem with the machine. When doing weight training or circuit workouts, each machine is hit for about three minutes. The adductors and abductors may take up 3 to 6 minutes of a 30 to 60 minute workout. That means the dieter will use this machine only 3 to 6 minutes a day if they want to work all major muscle groups. At a purchase price of $80, the machine is much more expensive than side lunges which work the same muscles and cost nothing.

The Leg Magic comes with a 30-day money back guarantee. If the user does not like the machine, they can return it for a full refund of the purchase price.

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  • Works lower body muscles.


  • The movement is so concentrated; the machine can only be used for 3 to 6 minutes every other day.
  • The price of the machine is not worth the exercises available on the machine.


The Leg Magic machine works two muscle groups. As part of a regular workout schedule, these muscles would get 6 minutes of attention, maximum. The dieter will not see increased weight loss from using this machine. We find the Leg Magic is a waste of money as it offers no cardio or diet support.

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