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Leisure 18 is a slimming coffee with several extra ingredients to speed up metabolism and increase weight loss. We found several websites selling the slimming coffee, including Amazon.com. We found one website that appears to be the official website. Very little information on the Leisure 18 slimming coffee appears on the website and the information provided is difficult to read.

Each package of Leisure 18 contains 18 slimming packets to be used over 18 days. One box retails for $23 on the official website. A warning on the website promises the customer 100-percent money-back if the product is not received or if the Leisure 18 is a fake product.

List of Ingredients

Brazil Black Coffee, Gambogic Fruit, Amino Acid and Vitamin Specification.

Product Features

The first ingredient in Leisure 18 is Brazil black coffee. Coffee is a strong source of caffeine and caffeine is proven to increase heart rate and metabolism. Each packet of Leisure 18 is individually measured so the dieter receives the predetermined amount of coffee in each serving.

Gambogic fruit is garcinia cambogia or hydroxycitric acid. This ingredient is commonly used in weight loss supplements, but there are some experts who believe there may be a link between garcinia cambogia and liver damage. One major supplement company fell under scrutiny after a dieter reported liver damage after using the product. The company offered to withdraw all products with garcinia cambogia from the market. These products were shelved and new products with green coffee bean were released. None of the new products included garcinia cambogia.

Amino acid is a generic term. We have no idea which amino acids are included in Leisure 18. In addition, amino acids have no impact on weight loss or metabolism. Vitamin specification is another generic term. This could mean vitamins are included in Leisure 18, but that is just an assumption.

The official website does not appear to be professional or trustworthy. We would suggest ordering this product from a third-party seller like Amazon. Amazon orders are fulfilled by Body by Vianna.

Amazon sells Leisure 18 for $25.99 with free shipping and handling.

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  • Ingredients are listed online.
  • The dieter can order from a trusted retailer.
  • Black coffee may increase metabolism.


  • Gambogic fruit is another name for the potentially dangerous ingredient, garcinia cambogia.
  • We have no idea which amino acids are included.
  • Vitamin specification could be any number of ingredients.
  • No clinical proof Leisure 18 promotes weight loss.


The official website for Leisure 18 is less than professional. While dieters can order the product from Amazon.com, the ingredient list includes potentially dangerous ingredients. Proven, safe ingredients like green tea and chromium are not added to this supplement. We found no appetite suppressant in Leisure 18.

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    wher can i buy this leisure18,its realy works ..i want to order


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    loida amoyen

    how to drink the coffee,every meal or just once a day?


  • 3

    is it true that leisure 18 contains a drug which contains carcinog?