Lemonade Diet Pill Review

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What You Should Know

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Some weight loss products may cause you to stop and really ponder the actual effectiveness or potential. After all, some diet pills and fat loss supplements come across as gimmicky or questionable. In this piece, we are going to take a good look at the Lemonade Diet Pill. It is available via the official website for $49.95 (one-month supply). This dietary supplement is one of the many “as seen on TV” products, and it is primarily marketed at women trying to shed unwanted pounds.


  • Lemons
  • Cayenne Pepper
  • Maple Syrup

Product Features

The Lemonade Diet Pill is intended to burn off fat, suppress appetite, boost energy levels, help you get a flatter stomach, cleanse the digestive tract, and encourage fast weight loss. According to the official website, you can potentially drop up to 17 pounds in only 14 days. There is contact information provided on the main website. Furthermore, there are some customer testimonials with photos, provided as well. This supplement is claimed to flush harmful toxins and waste out of your body. Some other benefits of the Lemonade Diet Pill are clearer skin, improved concentration, and better absorption of nutrients from food.

There are only three ingredients mentioned for the Lemonade Diet Pill. These are Lemons, Cayenne Pepper, and Maple Syrup. Lemons are the primary ingredient, and they assist by detoxifying the body, promoting weight loss, and suppressing hunger. Cayenne Pepper is included to help purify and cleanse the cells. As for Maple Syrup, this ingredient offers B Vitamins to help increase energy levels. A healthy diet and regular exercise are encouraged with the Lemonade Diet Pill.

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  • The Lemonade Diet Pill contains Lemon, which is good for you.
  • There are a few customer testimonials found on the main website.
  • This product may promote clearer skin.


  • There is no money-back guarantee provided with this supplement.
  • This product will cost you $50 plus shipping and handling.
  • The claims made about the Lemonade Diet Pill seem a tad far-fetched.
  • There is no solid research provided to support this weight loss formula.
  • Other diet pills are more promising.


First of all, the weight loss claims made in regards to the Lemonade Diet Pill are far too extreme. After all, it is simply unhealthy to drop 17 pounds in only 14 days. While this may sound wonderful, it is not realistic. Secondly, the price of this weight loss product is a bit steep. You can find diet pills for less, which contain more promising ingredients. Not to mention, the Lemonade Diet Pill is not supported by a refund guarantee. This factor alone will likely deter many dieters from trying this supplement.

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