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LeptiBurn is a weight loss supplement from BioTrust Nutrition. According to Joel, BioTrust Nutrition co-founder, leptin works as the dominant hormone controlling functions of all other weight loss hormones. Increasing leptin production and restoring leptin sensitivity would, in theory, promote weight loss and help dieters break through weight loss plateaus. There is little doubt that leptin is significantly intertwined with appetite and weight control, but can an herbal formula alter leptin levels and leptin sensitivity to promote weight loss?

List of Ingredients


  • Olive Leaf Extract
  • Brown Seaweed Extract
  • Irvingia Gabonensis Extract
  • Panax Notoginseng Extract
  • Green Tea Extract
  • Yerba Mate Extract

Product Features

BioTrust Nutrition does a fantastic job of breaking down the LeptiBurn formula and supporting how the ingredients promote weight loss with clinical research. There’s even a dedicated page with a long list of clinical references for consumers with questions about the efficacy of the supplement. We decided to do a little research of our own to see if the ingredients in LeptiBurn are as effective as BioTrust Nutrition claims them to be.

Olive leaf extract has some clinical support as an antibiotic, antioxidant and anti-hypertensive, but BioTrust Nutrition focuses on the extract’s ability to stimulate GLP-1 (glucagon peptide-1). We were able to locate a study by Eamon P. Rafferty, et al published in Scientia Pharmaceutica in 2011 supporting this claim. The study reported a 48% increase in plasma GLP-1 in rats given olive leaf extract. GLP-1 is associated with insulin sensitivity and decreased appetite, but ileal cells release GLP-1 when nutrients like carbohydrates, proteins and fats hit the small intestine. LeptiBurn is taken on an empty stomach thus the effects could help signal a feeling of fullness before the morning and afternoon meals essentially reducing the amount of food intake to promote weight loss.

Brown seaweed extract is a good source of fucoxanthin and iodine. Fucoxanthin has been named in numerous clinical studies on weight loss – most of which use rats as the study group – with positive results. Human studies are not as readily available, but we were able to find one study on obese, non-diabetic women with normal liver fat levels and no indication of non-alcoholic fatty liver disease that showed fucoxanthin, when paired with pomegranate seed oil, promoted weight loss. LeptiBurn does not contain pomegranate seed oil. BioTrust Nutrition mentions a study claiming fucoxanthin decreases leptin levels. If LeptiBurn increases leptin levels why add an ingredient that decreases leptin levels?

Irvingia gabonensis is an excellent source of fiber. Fiber is commonly added to weight loss supplements to slow digestion and promote satiety. There is some evidence the seed extract can help lower high cholesterol, but weight loss studies are not as conclusive. BioTrust Nutrition mentions a study that shows irvingia gabonensis increases leptin sensitivity by reducing C-reactive protein. We found the study published in the journal Lipids in Health and Disease. According to the study, participants were given 3,150 mg of irvingia gabonensis extract daily as 1,050 mg three times a day. LeptiBurn supplies just 300 mg of the extract taken as 150 mg twice daily. There is no comparison between the clinical study and the amount of extract supplied by LeptiBurn – there is simply not enough irvingia gabonensis.

Panax Notoginseng, also known as panax pseudoginseng, is not the same as panax ginseng. Clinical animal studies have shown panax notoginseng significantly reduces bleeding time. The extract may also have liver protective qualities. BioTrust Nutrition quotes a study published in the Journal of Ethnopharmacology in 2010 claiming panax notoginseng produces an anti-hyperglycemic effect as a result of improved leptin sensitivity. The study administered 200 mg/kg of panax notoginseng saponins by injection to lab rats genetically prone to diabetes. In a 200-lb human the amount of panax notoginseng required to produce comparable results would be more than 18,000 mg. Saponins are secondary metabolites found in panax notoginseng. Panax notoginseng was not injected as a whole extract.

Green tea extract and yerba mate extract are, in our opinion, the best ingredients in LeptiBurn. Both are clinically supported in human weight loss. Green tea extract is an excellent source of caffeine and EGCG and yerba mate is a source of caffeine. BioTrust Nutrition mentions these ingredients supply caffeine, but the total amount of caffeine supplied is not noted. Dieters sensitive to caffeine may need to exercise caution when taking LeptiBurn or any supplement containing caffeine.

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  • All ingredients and amounts in LeptiBurn are listed online.
  • Green tea and yerba mate may promote metabolism and weight loss.


  • Not all studies used to support LeptiBurn were completed on humans.
  • The total amount of caffeine supplied per serving is not listed.


BioTrust Nutrition claims LeptiBurn will increase leptin levels, promote leptin sensitivity and help the dieter lose more weight. Clinical evidence for some of the ingredients, from a human perspective, are lacking in some cases. We love the strong dose of green tea extract and the addition of caffeine, but we would like to know just how much caffeine the dieter is taking.

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  • 1

    I’ve been taking leptin burn for 2 days now and feel really really energetic and active. Been feeling more positive and less depressed. These are my honest opinions by the way


  • 2

    Any advice on how and where to obtain leptiburn in South Africa?


  • 3
    Marcia Hasbrouck

    I am taking Leptiburn and need to know if there are any negative interactions with my diabetes drug Farxiga that my Dr. just put me on. I live in Japan and my Dr. doesn’t know anything about Leptiburn…he isn’t into supplements per say. I just want to be safe and healthy! Please help.


  • 4
    Marvalee Osborn

    This is the 1st product I have tried that actually works! I have dropped 20 pounds and several inches off my stomach and waist in a very short time and have kept it off. I have had NO side effects and feel great for my 75 yrs!
    I am a true believer of IC-Leptiburn! Thanks Bio trust!!



    congratulations, I just started taking Leptiburn, not IC-Leptiburn version, and wondered if you changed your diet or increased your exercise as part of dropping the 20 lbs you mentioned losing and how long you were on the product. Thanks in advance for your reply.


  • 5
    raquel ramotar

    My heart is racing for over 5 hours now what should I do?


  • 6
    Beverley Norton

    I have been taking IC-5 Leptiburn for around three months I have not seen any improvement in my weight I only wanted to lose ten lbs. Please do not send me any more bottles. I have two bottles on my shelve now. Thank you. Please note their must be a lot of caffeine because my sleep has been affected.


  • 7
    Catherine Comuzzi

    Second Report aFter trying Leptiburn for 4-5 months and after consulting with their office about possible side effects, I have lost 3/4 of my hair, gained weight, feel hot and cold switches in moments, have excessively dry skin. I finally asked them to not only return my money for unused products but asked them to be quite concerned about these side effects I was experiencing. I had hair like Sophia Loren … and now I have almost no hair and very visible bald spots and now use a hair piece and soon I will need a wig. Other symptoms are that I fall asleep at the drop of a hat. My dermatologist said that the hair will continue to fall out. She took blood test thinking this was related to thyroid issues, but no evidence yet. I have since consulted with a medical biologist who found evidence in medical journal associating increased leptin (one of the effects of LeptiBurn) with a reduction of an enzyme called DGAT that makes triglicerides. If this enzyme is super low, then hair loss and skin changes can occur. My dermatologist says that I may go bald before my hair begins to grow, if it does, and she was very suspicious of its relationship to increased leptin. My cholesterol has also increased BTW. So ……. untested and unreported sudden side effects. I am shocked with the lack of concern by the company over these serious symptoms by using Leptiburn. The extent to which this has effected my overall health, my work life, and my morale is no laughing matter! Leptiburn may want to hide their head in the sand about such matter in service of the financial benefits of promoting a “pure” product … Shame.


    Gary Sinay

    You should have stopped taking it immediately. It only took me 3 days before I had strange feelings and I sent it back.


  • 8

    I found the ad for Leptiburn on Facebook and decided to give it a try. I only had about 10 pounds to lose, those last “stubborn” pounds. The first month I did great, felt great and lost the weight. This is now the second month and I am not feeling so great. I read the side effects and now feel that I am experiencing some of them. Last week I passed out in the parking lot of a local store and have not felt right since then. I am light headed, have palpitations and orthostatic hypotension. I am very pleased with the product as it seems to have helped with those last few pounds but sure hate the side effects. Everyone should use caution and research any product before buying, which is a no-brainer anyway. I am hoping that the weight stays off but I have changed my eating habits and work out faithfully, so it should.


  • 9

    I have finished 3 bottles of leptiburn so far.

    From start to finish I have lost 50 lbs. But I can’t say this is all because of this product. First, I got smart about what I was eating/drinking. I also started using other weight loss supplements like green tea, etc. and had lost around 35 lbs by now.

    Then I came across leptiburn and was still dieting hardcore. Having said that, it appealed to me that maybe Leptiburn could keep my leptin levels up while I dieted and keep me from hitting a weight loss plateau.

    But 3 bottles later, I am sorry to say I have not noticed any significant contribution from leptiburn in my weight loss efforts. I have been taking MANY other supplements at the same time and if leptiburn failed to “burn” the fat off of my middle DESPITE me still being sensible about what I was eating, then I’m not sure what exactly I have paid for.

    I exercise and hit the gym hard. I count my calories very very carefully and basically am using the same diet that helped me lost the initial 50 lbs. So I’m sure it’s pretty safe to say my diet is good. But if I’m still seeing fat around my middle (yes – even after losing 50 lbs), then I’m sorry leptiburn hasn’t really done it’s job so well.

    Listing peer-reviewed journal articles to support leptiburn on the biotrust web site is all good, and their presentation is VERY convincing, but we have to ask: are all these peer-reviewed journal articles about studies conducted on HUMANS?

    I still respect biotrust but at the same time finishing THREE bottles of leptiburn and still not having arrived at my fat-loss goals has forced me to be on the fence at best about this product. How much time does it really need to work? I don’t remember how many capsules there are in a bottle but at 4 capsules a day (2 in the morning and 2 in the afternoon) and 3 bottles, you do the math.

    I would not buy this product again or recommend it to friends. This is not to say Biotrust isn’t a good company. Maybe they DO have the best intentions at heart but I’m sorry I haven’t seen any results.


  • 10
    Sarah Nash

    I am a 57 year old female taking antidepressants for Major Depressive Disorder. The first day I started taking LeptiBurn I was having symptoms of crying. Did not really make the connection until the next day when I ran into an inground basketball hoop with my daughter’s new Acadia. I cried for 3 hours. I later made the connection to when I started taking Leptiburn to the crying and higher level of anxiety. I have emailed BioTrust, but they have not answered me yet. That was a month ago. I also asked before taking the product if it would interfere with antidepressants and they could not give me an answer. If you have any medications that you are taking, make sure you check with your doctor before taking. Only start with a small amount to make sure you don’t have adverse reactions. I started with one pill twice a day. I have only taken 4 and have not been compensated for the LeptiBurn or the accident that cost $2100.


  • 11
    Catherine Comuzzi

    I would rate this product very very cautiously. I am in the process of losing all my hair for the very first time in my life and my dermatologist is presently doing all the thyroid investigation and has stopped me taking Leptiburn immediately. I have not other known medical condition and I have felt slightly more normal since I have come off the Leptiburn. It is shocking to me that this product could have such an effect — the working hypothesis here is that this medication triggered hypothyroidism and I have previously had no thyroid issues before. I contacted the company 3X with concerns, 2 about my hair and 1 about a reaction I was having. They were not help in responding or warning me. Instead responded with the standard protocol they give everyone else. They promised to phone me and investigate further my concerns but did not bother. This is serious to lose your hair … and the doctor says that it will continue shedding for the next 2-21/2 months! Definitely a health crisis!
    I have shipped back all my products from this company and now waiting for my refund which they did say they would follow through on. However, if this were my company and I had a customer have her hair fall out and all the repercussions around that, I would be very much curious about them – at least from a business perspective.


  • 12

    I am going to try the good old fashion way
    Eating less , exercising more


  • 13

    Based on what has been said, LeptiBurn is useless to promote weight loss. Also it can be unsafe for elderly diabetics taking statins and blood pressure medicines. I bought LeptiBurn without proper investigation because BioTrust promises 100% refund. Refund is dependent on many conditions, so 100% refund is not true. Further the only good thing is BioTrust strict low carb, low glycemic food diet plan and exercise. This plan is hard to follow and stick to it. Like Atkins plan many get sick on low carb diet. The diet plan alone will produce results, but it is unstainable.


  • 14
    Beth neff

    Would this product be a heathy choice for a obese person with diabetes ?.


  • 15
    Alan Bird

    I haven’t actually purchased any yet because I must first discover if Leptiburn has adverse effects on blood pressure. Could you by any chance let me know?


  • 16
    Benn Micheletti

    How do I find out what happened to my order?


  • 17

    Thank you, everyone, for your honest comments about the product. Several other “reviews” I read were really only reiterations of the Biotrust commercial – with no results from actual users listed. The time and effort you took to comment is truly appreciated!


  • 18
    Brenda Stevens

    Should Leptiburn be ingested on it’s own or combination with IC-5 and Why ?
    Looking forward to your reply..


  • 19
    Karlyn Robeson

    I need to return this latest bottle as the other two did not do anything for
    me or my husband. We have faithfully used it daily but did not lose any weight. Please send return instructions. Karlyn Robeson


  • 20

    This product is making me nausiated. Is this common


  • 21

    That was a very helpful review, thank you!


  • 22
    Gerald Funk

    I want to return my product for a refund. Please advise.


  • 23

    One more thing to add….once I stopped the grains and wheat (thus drastically lowering my carb intake) and eating more healthy fat, my appetite naturally came under control!! I can now easily resist over-eating because I start feeling sick to my stomach if I don’t stop. I guess that is the leptin problem fixing itself. Hopefully, over the next month, I can start losing weight again. I still have 20 lbs to go.


  • 24

    Thanks so much for these comments! I’ve been at a weight loss plateau for a year and was thinking of trying leptiburn. But I certainly don’t want the side effects described here! Probably the best change I’ve made is to go completely off wheat (all processed foods) for the last month. I’m noticing a lot of health improvement, although I haven’t loss and more weight. Dr. Davis’ “Wheat Belly” is a big eye opener. My next book to read it “Grain Brain”…apparently there’s something harmful in modern wheat that gets through the gut and through the ‘brain barrier’. I have noticed that my mental state is better :) and I’m sleeping more deeply. I feel calmer. Plus, my skin is less blotchy (I’m not using any advanced face care products).


  • 25
    olga mazzini

    I had colon cáncer 12 years ago and breast cáncer 4 years ago
    I am overweight for about 20 kilograms
    Can I take this product?
    Which will be the dosis for me
    I am 65 years old


  • 26
    Tom Joad

    Ok, so I am a 42 yr old former college athlete looking to lose 25 lbs I have put on since I turned 30. It’s the basic American middle-age belly weight, a slow creep up in weight from being too sedentary, fatherhood, commuting and not eating or sleeping right. No mental health issues, no physical issues, everything is fine. So I would consider myself a “textbook” almost middle-aged guy in most respects. Here is my view of BioTrust in general. As an organization, I believe they are sending the right message about diet and exercise and I do appreciate the commitment a lot of their affiliated people show to the field of weight loss and nutrition. As a profit-making supplement company, they have their faults. The good, at least from what anyone can know about a completely un-regulated business, is that they seem to be producing high-quality ingredients with manufacturing integrity. The not-so-good is that all of their supplements (along with everyone else’s) are completely unproven in human beings using double-blind placebo testing, which is the only sort of testing accepted as proof by the medical community. I have asked BioTrust about this and of course received no response. I believe they, more than others, try to base their products on science – however, the science is mostly unproven, small-scale experiments carried out all over the world. They have cobbled together impressive lists of studies suggesting that the ingredients in each product have the desired effect – but if you really look at it none of these studies have anything in common and are simply juxtaposed together by BioTrust to make it appear symmetrical and as evidence that their products containing these multiple elements work. At the end of the day, in my opinion, the products IC-5 and Leptiburn, MAY provide a powerful placebo effect for those trying to get back in shape like me. In other words, the fact that I spent 300 bucks on the program is a motivator in and of itself, and the fact that I take the pills at the prescribed times helps remind me to stay on track with lifestyle changes. For self-motivated people, that can be a powerful way to get on track without a personal trainer or much other effort. And for that, an initial BioTrust purchase is worth it to me. The protein powder IS one product I would endorse. It’s certainly not “delicious” as relentlessly advertised, but it’s better than most on the market and does not contain the harmful ingredients that so many of them do (sugars) while still containing a relatively high level of protein.

    All in all, the supplements business is unreliable because of its utter failure to corroborate promising science. I have asked BioTrust why it doesn’t just do double-blind placebo testing and have received no response. I think the answer is obvious – if the testing fails, the business and their investment is gone overnight….BUT, if the testing is successful, well now you are talking about a patentable formula that could make them a FORTUNE and also help millions. The business model seems to be that they (and companies like them) will get many one-time customers based on our desire to get some help in getting started and they don’t want to risk it all by coming up short in actual, scientific testing. At some point, the FDA is going to crack down on the supplement industry and many will disappear overnight. I trust BioTrust in the sense that they are trying their best to promote healthy eating and exercising and not promising results just based on their supplements. That’s a lot more than others can say. Their sales tactics are a bit sleazy as others have mentioned, but that doesn’t offend my sensibilities so much. All in all, BioTrust is a good way to get started, but there is no substitute for changing your eating habits and workout habits to get to the shape you want to be in.



    Intelligent and very helpful comment, Tom. really appreciated it. Thank you.


  • 27
    Glenn Sossin

    I’ve been taking for approximately 6 months, no change in exercising, lost approx. 35 lbs. Gained a few back over past 35 days – thanksgiving / Christmas/new years, but still happy with the results. My wife also takes it. She lost approx. 5-6 lbs that she was trying to work off for 10 years. She is a health nut and trys to work out everyday.

    Overall – happy, but wondering if there are any long term effects.


  • 28

    Where can I buy leptiburn in Riyadh, KSA?



    Don’t buy it. It’s not worth it. Eat sensibly and DON’T eat fast food. Exercise HARD 3 times a day. Drink lots of water.


    Your Name

    *Sorry I meant exercise HARD 3 times a week.



    *sorry I meant exercise HARD 3 times a week.


  • 29

    I didn’t lose any weight using this product…in fact I gained a few pounds. I also do aerobic exercises everyday for one hour and thought that would be helpful especially after the “cheat” day. I feel completely ripped off and mislead. The guys who developed this product make you watch these ridiculously long videos and try to sell you more and more stuff. Also, they claim to give you 100% of your money back if not satisfied. I called them to get that process rolling and the customer service rep didn’t know what the policy was for refunds…what???


  • 30
    joseph kempski

    since usinglepi-burn and other bio-trust supplements and watching what I eat and exercising I lost 40 lbs. I have no side effects from any biotrust products


  • 31

    I had 20 hard pounds to lose and tried Leptiburn. I am not used to large amounts of caffiene and immediately had a upset stomach, light headedness and generally felt bad. Tried cutting dosage, stopped, started slow, nothing worked. I returned the unused portion and recieved a refund. I am still using the diet and losing weight without the Leptiburn. In 10 weeks I have taken off 13 pounds. Why use the Leptiburn???


  • 32

    I have been taking this for a few months now. I tried with diet and exercise, and without any kind of special diet. Surprise! I only lost weight with diet and exercise.

    However, I developed a SERIOUS REFLUX PROBLEM on this stuff. It took a while for the doctor and I to pin down the problem, but here it is. And the reflux got so bad that there were times I could hardly breathe! Thank god we finally figured out this stuff was the antagonizer.

    Furthermore, the group that pushes this is rather web savvy. They do a good job controlling the reviews that pop up in web searches, so most people don’t learn the truth until it’s too late. They also will spam you constantly once you purchase one of their products.

    I would advise to stay away from this one.


  • 33

    After taking LeptiBurn for 2 days I had a nagging headache, was feeling nausea, vertigo, shaky, and unable to think clearly. I considered
    these symptoms, which I had not been experiencing prior to taking LeptiBurn, may have been due to the fact that I was not consuming enough food/drink, at the right times etc, however after paying close attention to my diet over the next 2 days, the problems were still occurring. I discontinued taking LeptiBurn and the symptoms mentioned subsided. I found that LeptiBurn did decrease my appetite and may increase energy levels in some people, but for anyone with a sensitivity to high levels of caffeine (which LeptiBurn has) this could effect your nervous system adversely as did mine.
    It is advisable to check with your Health consultant if you have any medical problems, this is noted under Caution on the bottle of LeptiBurn but not so clear in the advertising articles. I am taking medication for high blood pressure and an underactive thyroid, my research revealed that some of the properties in LeptiBurn ie ‘Green Tea’ and ‘Mate’ (both contain caffeine) can have some mild or serious side effects in some people, and advised caution if you have high blood pressure or a thyroid condition.. just my luck.
    For the best report check out WebMD and request the ‘Side Effects’ of the individual ingredients that are in LeptiBurn, which are Yerba mate extract, Green tea extract, Panax notoginseng extract, Irvingia gabonenis (seed extract), Brown seaweed extract and Olive leaf extract.
    To my understanding there has not been enough reported research done on the side effects of LeptiBurn, I believe the manufacturers and distributors should have clear warnings describing the possible side effects from the individual herbal substances that make up LeptiBurn..But it is not a perfect world..there for as the saying goes “let the buyer beware” This is quite an expensive product but as it came with a suppliers guarantee, (written assurance of a full refund if the product did not satisfy) I for one will definitely be requesting my money back.


  • 34

    I started taking Leptiburn about a month ago and found I didn’t feel well, particularly upset stomach. I stopped taking it for a while and started again a couple of days ago. Same problem. Are there foods I should be avoiding? Is there some food that may help?


  • 35

    Totally agree with Ro. If you are on prescription meds it is because you are seeing a professional who, in conjunction with you, decided this was the best step to take towards good mental health. Stopping meds altogether can cause serious withdrawal symptoms like worsening depression or suicide, among many others. However, exercise is proven to help stave off depression but that does not mean as a sole alternative to medicine. Some people are so depressed that getting themselves out of bed is a task so expecting them to hop into a gym and exercise may not be realistic. Meds help people to just function in their day to day lives not be a miracle happy drug. Incorporating exercise into your life is just a good idea to live a healthy life but not necessarily the best or only way to deal with depression. Sara-it’s great that you consulted your doctor about taking the supplement. If they feel it’s fine then that’s great and as long as you feel it’s working or there are benefits then you are doing the right thing.


  • 36

    I have been taking LeptiBURN and IC-5 since Tuesday. I have had a migraine headache all week, and some heartburn. I am stopping taking them today. I know it has only been 5 days but isn’t fun going to work with a headache. I feel depressed that it doesn’t really work. I get those stupid emails too! There is a sucker born every minute!



    I’ve been overweight all of my life, and at the advice of my brother, I started Leptiburn today. First day in, I’m feeling out of sorts. When eating my meal, at least an hour after taking the 2 tablets, I’m experiencing shortness of breath. Lightheadedness, shakiness, and overall, just not my normal sense, are also symptoms I’ve felt all day. One day is all it takes for me to say, forget it. If I can’t do it naturally, I’ll have to stay overweight. I also agree with KHV a lot of belching, which seems to relieve the shortness of breath, but it’s still an uncomfortable feeling. Just wondering if anyone else is feeling any of these symptoms.



    OMG! I thought I was going crazy!! I am going through the same thing. Belching as I type. So gross! What the heck is this stuff anyway? Yikes!! I’m getting my money back!


  • 37

    Tom that is the best advice I have ever heard and it is the truth. I have been there myself and still doing it. Congrats and Keep strong!!!


  • 38

    I have taken Leptiburn for 10 days. I developed light- headedness when I get up from sitting and indigestion, as in belching incessantly. I eat super clean autoimmune paleo style. This means that I eat wild fish, grass-fed meats, vegetables, a little fruit and natural fats. I was symptom free before trying Leptiburn. I was initially more energetic due to the caffeine, but my weight loss has been minimal despite rigorous attention to weight watcher quantities, over 10,000 steps a day and 30 minutes six days a week of a progressive Jillian Michael’s program.


  • 39

    Very well put, and the truth will set you free!! If you are depressed exercise does greatly help and if you are overweight the foods that you eat while depressed also contribute to your depression and weight issues, as well as, the meds causing you to eat more. Exercise helps your body to release endorphines which make you feel better. Start out slowly, a little mucsle soreness is good, a lot of muscle soreness will turn you off to exercise. Just get into a routine and do it everyday. I do most of my exercises in my bed in the morning, mostly just flattening my stomach by tightening my stomach muscles and pressing down at the same time, and leg lifts, while tightening my arm and leg muscles at the same time, nothing too difficult and nothing that causes pain. If you get a cramp in your legs while doing side leg lifts, just bite your upper lip and relax for a minute and the pain will subside.
    Again, the type of foods that you eat are very important to feeling good, not only combatting weight, but also physical ailments. Sugar and sugar containing foods, also salt,and processed flower and food products. The less you consume of them, the better you will feel, it also helps with authritus and swelling of joints etc. Good luck and the exercise in the bed is a simple and good way to wake up in the morning while you are lying there trying to convince yourself to get up; you can day-dream while exercising and weaking up! Believe me it works great!!!! And you feel better all day! Good Luck!


  • 40
    Bridgett @ Limusuperfoods.com

    This stuff works because of the fucoxanthin in it. Like the natural Fucoidan in Limu Moui


  • 41

    how long and how many bottles can one take to reduce the fat in the body?



    It doesn’t WORK!!!!
    Change your lifestyle, your diet, stop being lazy and get start working out daily!



    yes you are right, the lazyness is the worst thing to have. Be active and stop worrying of what we have to eat each time.


    Your Name

    How rude


  • 42

    I have purchased 6 bottles of Leptiburn and can GUARANTEE THAT THEY ARE FULL OF SHIT..The only advantage of taking leptiburn is that i do feel that they suppress my hunger but have i lost any weight using leptiburn? NO..

    All you get from them is their chairman JOSH AND JOEL sending you emails almost every single day like ” OH today is my birthday so i am giving a 10% off, then next day oh today is my anniversery i am giving 20% off, then an other day, it goes like, today my pet pup maya gave birth to a baby kitten so i am giving a 20% off.. These guys are professional cons. They have a money back guarantee and the trick with that is 9/10 people are too lazy to be bothered with money back by returning the bottles..These crooks know that..

    You know all i got to tell JOSH AND JOEL is that there are people who look upto you genuinely to loose weight as a last resort, going through depression, and NEVER play with someones life. If it works people will be ready to pay any amount of money on it, and you do not need to send me silly discount emails sounding like a desperate door salesman.



    Dude, you are way out of bounds on your comments. I can guarantee you that your lifestyle is the reason you are not seeing results. The purpose of Leptiburn is to curb appetite so you can restrict calories- Lepitburn does a great job of this. The next thing it does is keep your Leptin levels high so that you don’t go into starvation mode which causes your body to hang on to fat vs using it for fuel. There are so many other factors that come into play if you are trying to lose fat. Notice I said FAT, not weight. For those that are hopping on the scale expecting a lower number every time, you got it all wrong. Don’t focus on weight, focus on fat loss. Biotrust products are the best in the marketplace from my experiences. Best ingredients for sure. yeah their prices could be lower but then again you get what you pay for in life….


    Your Name

    Hey dude if you think its down to the previous guys lifestyle why the hell is it that of all the people that have asked to see scientific proof of this product and its results shown before and after , that they have never once replied to one single person mmmmmm a little strange dont you thin?


  • 43

    CAN I TAKE THIS IF I HAVE heart palpitations



    I’ve been taking Leptiburn for almost a week, and I can say that I’ve had some side effects. I am on antidepressants so I’m not sure exactly what the contraindications could be. Be realistic when taking any product. If they deny any side effects then it absolutely isn’t true. Even ALL NATURAL products can have adverse side effects. Every person’s body (and brain) chemistry is different.
    I’m on Adderall, Wellbutrin, and Abilify. These are stimulants of one type or another. My side effects have been: nausea, vertigo/ dizziness (to the point where I think I’m going to black out when I stand – but this is also a known side effect of one of my medications – so Leptiburn may just be augmenting it) and a general feeling of malaise. I feel woozy and slightly ‘out of it’.
    BUT, I’m going to see how things go before I stop taking the supplement. If these symptoms continue I will have to stop taking the supplement. Oh, and my psychiatrist is aware of my new supplement I’m trying.



    Sara, I have been through anti-depressant hell and am now off of them and all prescription meds. I’ve learned the hard way that you can’t poison your way to health (mental and otherwise) and prescription drugs for the most part are poison. If you are taking this supplement I’d imagine that you are dealing with overweight issues. The meds you are on are contributing greatly to this. I’ve been there. One day I got fed up with being fed up. I was overweight, felt like crap and was still very depressed even after taking meds. I read that working out in a gym relieves depression. It just so happened that I got a flier in the mail for a nearby gym and their offer was quite affordable, even for someone on disability. I joined and worked out that day. I felt better than I had felt in years right afterward. Sure, I was sore the next few days but I went back to it soon after the soreness abated. I got off the meds and kept working out. I changed my diet to a whole grain and vegetable one, researched anti-aging diets and lifestyle changes (youngagain.org is absolutely the best and its all free) and also researched supplements for better brain function (DR. Eric Braverman’s books rock) as well as anti-aging and physical health. It worked. I dropped weight, I had mental clarity and physical energy and best of all, I kissed depression goodbye. When I find myself sinking to that black hole, I hit the gym and bingo, its gone, I’m good. Work hard on getting your life together. Be relentless and determined. This is not a quick fix but it will be a permanent one in time (it took about 3 months to realize how great I felt). Prescription drugs like you are on will kill you. There is no single pill that will save you from yourself. Educate yourself and do the work.



    That’s very nice for you. But some depressed people, like myself have a chemical imbalance in the brain. Be careful being so flippant about throwing your meds away. I exercise and diet, but that doesn’t t magically change my brain chemistry. I assume you don’ t want to cause someone who needs the meds to stop them and commit suicide. Because I can tell you now. I might not be here if I hadn’t gotten help from a professional and worked with her to get the right meds. I’m 57 and this has been a life long struggle until I finally saw a professional within the last few years who worked with me to help me lead a better life. Think before you throw out your opinions.


    AMEN and AMEN! Just like you said Ro, if it weren’t for my SSRI I do not know where I’d be! THANK GOD for medication because I am back to the woman I used to be!

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    could you send me your prize list?
    thank you.


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    Erika smith

    Are there bad side effects with leptiburn hormone support



    I started to take the pills today, I thought my heart was going to beat out of my chest, I checked my heart rate and it was 86 never has it been more then 72. I will be returning the pills.



    I have been taking the lepta burn for about a week. It makes me feel terrible, stomach hurts , feel like throwing up and also hurts my head. No wonder you have no appetite ,because you feel horrible! I am sending mine back for a refund. I also don’t like the long videos they send you each day. I also am miffed that none of the recipes or info is in print form , you need to download all info! I didn’t have a computer , just an iPad so out of luck!!



    Need to give it time to work , i have been on weightwatchers.com for 12 months and lost 32 lbs , with this it is help me lost fat not lbs so people if you want a quit fix , stop eating cause you can lost over night because it took you more to gain it got it