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LeptinX by Vitamin Research Products supports fat loss and reduce waist size. Typically these types of supplements will include mood changing ingredients that attempt to control stress. Stress leads to cortisol being released and that can add to abdominal fat. There is no real proof behind these ingredients, but that does not keep supplement companies from making claims that are unreal and unfounded. Direct ordering from Vitamin Research Products website is available. We did not find any free trial or money-back guarantee information. The proprietary blend used in the supplement is not divulged on the official website.

List of Ingredients

No known ingredients.

Product Features

The fact that LeptinX ingredients are not listed leaves the dieter wondering what could be included in the supplement. There are plenty of clinical studies and papers linking leptin to obesity, so the theory behind the supplement is founded, but without ingredients, how is the dieter supposed to know whether or not the supplement will work.

Looking into other leptin fighting supplements we found ingredients like borage oil, marine lipid oil (fish oil) and pomegranate extract. None of these have any fat fighting benefits, but again, we are only going to other supplement ingredient lists promoting weight loss from leptin.

The fact that LeptinX claims to decrease waist size could signal a mood boosting ingredient. During times of stress, the body releases cortisol. Cortisol can affect fat stores. The body will typically store fat on the waist when cortisol levels are high. Stabilizing mood and reducing the effects of stress are key to reducing cortisol in the body. If mood boosting ingredients are included, this supplement would not be safe for use by people who have mood disorder or those who are taking anti-depressant or anti-anxiety medications.

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  • The official website sells the product directly.


  • No ingredient list published for dieters.
  • Claims cannot be proven if the ingredients are not known.
  • Dieters may not see any weight loss benefits.


LeptinX by Vitamin Research Products does not give dieters what they need to make the right supplement choice. Dieters are taking charge of their weight loss by researching products, looking at testimonials and researching ingredients before making a purchase. All LeptinX has to offer dieters is a list of claims and nothing more. We believe there could be a mood booster in there somewhere but we have no way of knowing the true ingredients.

For proven weight loss, dieters should look for key ingredients list green tea, caffeine and chromium. These have studies on humans that back up claims of increased weight loss. Ideally, the three ingredients would be combined in a supplement to work together to help the dieter achieve those weight loss goals.

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