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Editor's Review: 3.7 / 5.0

What You Should Know

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Leptitrex is touted on the product website as helping you lose seven pounds in seven days. The website also goes through what it calls “Six Proprietary Matrixes” that are the keys to weight loss success. What these matrixes consist of are ingredients – and lots of them – promising to nourish the body, boost energy and motivation, burn fat and detoxify. This product also claims to be able to treat acne and stop the aging process in its tracks. All these promises seem to be a pretty tall order for a single diet supplement, but we will evaluate the information available for Leptitrex to see if it really can deliver.

List of Ingredients

We are a bit overwhelmed with the sheer number of ingredients found in Leptitrex; 48 to be exact. See the official Leptitrex site for full details.

Product Features

The first set of ingredients in Leptitrex consists of the vitamins and minerals, which make for a healthy supplementation but don’t do much in the area of weight loss. The next “matrix” is a Euphoric Fat Burning Matrix. This formula includes chocolate derivatives like chocomine and PEA that are said to promote feelings of euphoria while burning fat. While there may be some truth to this claim, we highly doubt the results will be as dramatic as this product promises.

Another Leptitrex matrix claims to detoxify the body with ingredients like dandelion root. The product website states that taking toxins out of the liver will allow this organ to burn fat more efficiently. While detoxification can be a healthy process for the body, there is no evidence to suggest that the herbs offered here will achieve the desired effect. Yet another matrix offers a blend of the ten famous “super foods” revealed by Dr. Nicholas Perricone. Unfortunately, it does not look to us like there are enough of these substances found in this supplement to have much positive effect.

The company website also claims that Leptitrex will help users build muscle while it burns fat. The problem with this theory is that in order to build muscle mass, you will need to feed the muscles – with calorie-rich protein foods. In fact, when you are increasing muscle mass, you will probably increase pounds as well, since muscle weighs even more than fat. This is precisely why most folks will not try to perform both of these functions (losing weight and building muscle) simultaneously.

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  • Leptitrex does include some effective weight loss ingredients.
  • The company offers a full money back guarantee on every purchase.


  • So many ingredients included in Leptitrex make us wonder about the potency of any of them.
  • The product claims to perform too many functions in a single supplement.
  • There is not sufficient clinical evidence offered online to support many of this product’s claims.


This company appears to be relying on many ingredients and grandiose claims to sell a very unfocused product. While there are some ingredients in the Leptitrex formula that may provide some positive benefits, we are highly skeptical about whether this supplement can make good on most of its weight loss promises.

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