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Lepto-Trim is a diet supplement with an interesting twist; combining asparagus extract and aspartic acid in one single pill. Touting itself as the all-natural alternative to other chemically-based pills on the market, Lepto-Trim claims you can lose up to 40 lbs. in 30 days without diet or exercise. Lepto-Trim claims this works because you lose weight due to the special properties of asparagus, which contain fibers that aid digestion and act as a diuretic. There is no information how you should take Lepto-Trim, but there are general testimonials available on their official website, including testimonials claiming huge amounts of weight loss in a short amount of time. Lepto-Trim has one promise that will entice dieters, however: if you don’t see real results with Lepto-Trim within 30 days, they will refund your money.


There is no ingredient information available on Lepto-Trim’s website or on the Internet. Some ingredients Lepto-Trim mentions on its website are asparagus and aspartic acid extract. There is no full ingredient information, however.

Product Features

Lepto-Trim is one of the few diet supplements available that claims to be organically based, although there is no product information available. We fell that no ingredient list is always a cause for concern. Lepto-Trim’s biggest claim is that it flushes out fat from your digestive system, also promoting healthy digestion. The food fibers contained in its main ingredient, asparagus, do help promote healthy digestion, although its claims that it helps flush out fat are questionable. Along with promoting weight loss, it also claims to relieve depression and increase energy, although Lepto-Trim does not explain how. Despite its claims, however, Lepto-Trim promises to refund your money after 30 days if you do not see any results.

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  • Available widely over the Internet.
  • It has a 30 day money-back guarantee.
  • It is an organically-based diet supplement.
  • It is easy to take, administered orally.


  • Product claims are not proven, and some customers debate its legitimacy.
  • There is no product information available.
  • There are no studies available that back up the product’s science claims.
  • Lepto-Trim does not recommend a healthy diet and exercise with its product.
  • Its official website has very little information about how Lepto-Trim works or any information about the company.


Although Lepto-Trim has a couple of enticing promises, other people are reporting these promises are false. Along with missing product information, the legitimacy of Lepto-Trim is debatable, with only testimonials from other sites to draw from. Although this is a wonderful alternative for those looking for an organic product, none of their claims are proven factual. This might be a solution for those looking for an easy fix, but with no substantial information to back it up, Lepto-Trim comes across as just another pill.

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