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Leptoprin SD is a diet pill that’s intended for those who wish to lose excess body fat. This dietary supplement endeavors to assist with burning calories, combating “immature fat cells” before they have a chance to grow and add weight to the body, but also reduce fat cells that are already stored. Basically Leptoprin aims to move the body’s fat cells so that they can get burned away. Leptoprin supposedly incorporates a “proprietary blend” of exotic herbs (Turnera diffusa, Ilex paraguarensis and Paulinia cupana), which “delay gastric emptying,” improve mood and speed up weight loss.

Apparently Leptoprin is manufactured by a company known as A.G. Waterhouse. This diet pill is claimed to aid with weight loss, regardless of a switch in diet or implemented fitness programs. Leptoprin sells on the official website for $153 and this includes 120 capsules, which is a 30-day supply of the diet supplement. A 60-day supply can be purchased for $296. Key components used in Leptoprin are ergogenic methylxanthines (promote weight loss), calcium (reduces fat storage) and an amino acid called L-tyrosine (suppresses appetite). Leptoprin does not appear to be marketed toward men or women specifically. This diet supplement is intended for individuals with serious weight problems, or who are significantly overweight. Leptoprin additionally uses an anti-inflammatory compound, which is claimed to inhibit pro-inflammatory prostaglandins (assist with heart disease and obesity).

List of Ingredients

Leptoprin SD contains primary ingredients such as exotic herbs (Turnera diffusa, Ilex paraguarensis and Paulinia cupana), ergogenic methylxanthines (promote weight loss), calcium (reduces fat storage) and an amino acid called L-tyrosine (suppresses appetite).

A full list was not found.

Product Features

Leptoprin SD is a diet drug available to significantly overweight individuals. It comes in the form of a capsule and can be purchased via the official website for $153 (one month supply). Manufacturers of Leptoprin state that it does not have to be used along with diet and exercise in order for the user to lose weight. This diet product is to be taken with water.

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  • The official Leptoprin website sells the product conveniently online.
  • Leptoprin comes in a simple, easy-to-swallow capsule form.
  • A comprehensive analysis of Leptoprin is offered on the official website.


  • Leptoprin is only for those who’re significantly overweight.
  • Leptoprin may prove quite expensive for some users considering a 30-day supply costs a whopping $153.
  • Some ingredients found in Leptoprin may not be suitable for some individuals.
  • The official Leptoprin website lacks consumer testimonials.
  • There doesn’t appear to be significant clinical research supporting Leptoprin offered on the official website.
  • There is no money-back guarantee shown on the official Leptoprin website.
  • Warnings and side effects regarding Leptoprin are absent from the website.


In the vast world of diet pills, programs and supplements, Leptoprin does offer an interesting approach with the “proprietary blend” of exotic herbs, which is claimed to delay gastric emptying. On the other hand, this diet drug is quite pricey in comparison to many others currently on the market. All in all, Leptoprin would likely be more appealing if the official website offered a few testimonials from past customers or at least a money-back guarantee of sorts.

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  • 1
    connie darrington

    I am still using my 30 day free trial and I was just billed $89.95 for another supply. I need to know how to return this shipment and be refunded the $89.95.


    Stephen (Editor)

    Hey Connie. If you would like to cancel, give them a call at 1-800-628-8065.


  • 2

    how can i order leptoprin?


  • 3

    Leptoprin absolutely works and it’s a miracle pill. I enjoyed amazing results that was entirely worth the $150 a bottle. I’d buy it again any day, every day! Please note, I did not say Leptoprin SD works. You can no longer get Leptoprin and they refuse to provide it to anyone for anything; there is no hope of anyone getting their hands on the working product again. Don’t get the SD product or any other they produce, not their cheaper look alike products as they will do nothing for you. The same goes for Xenadrine which was a $40 version which was just as good. Again, no longer being produced.



    I took Leotoprin about 10 years ago and it was amazing. I loved it ! the pounds came off so fast I lost 35 pounds and looked fantastic. I only wish I could get it again. I watched what I ate but I did not exercise. it had ephedrine in it and that’s what made me lose the weight.


  • 4

    I always had a problem with being on the heavy side growing up. I tried all kinds if remedy diet pill s, exercise, and only 5’1″ and being short didn’t help me at all either…I came accross leptoprin and that was the only remedy that worked for me….it actually worked! You aren’t jittery, you drink more water by just craving it.. it keeps your body from the hunger mode which the body thinks it needs to store fat to have a reserve in case it is starved. For some reason this feeling for a away! And, I only took 2 pills daily, and the weight slowly come off, energy is regained, and it seems to help youri would only recommendit posditive energy creates beqtter sleep etc


  • 5

    i lost 72 lbs on leptoprin over a 4 yr period. yes after a yr i had my excersise routine, but i had the energy to excersise, i also craved the excersise. i did not feel jittery or any other side effects. also i ate normal but i cut down my portions, i did not crave or want junk food. i would recommend this to serious persons to lose the lbs.


  • 6

    when weight is lost so fast is there a significant amount of extra skin left behind?



    It doesn’t leave a lot of flabby skin, it elastically shrinks most of it. I am going to try the pill Again…its been 30 years since I used it and will swear to it it was the only product that worked for me if anything else that I have tried I don’t like pills anyhow and these are more natural than anything in the market!!


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