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What You Should Know

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Leptoprin-SD comes in impressive packaging and claims to be a “weight control compound for the significantly overweight”. It also comes with an impressive price tag; $153 at the time of this review. The product is offered by A.G. Waterhouse, a company that does not appear to have any sort of online presence beyond the product website. Information provided on the website was sketchy at best, but it did provide a link to what the company calls a “comprehensive analysis” of the product.

This comprehensive analysis is a rather tedious abstract of the development of the product and some of the ingredients found within. It is important to note that we were unable to come up with a complete ingredient list, customer testimonials or a money back guarantee on Leptoprin-SD. The product does not appear to be offered on many other websites beyond the product site, and much of the information found on the product consists of complaints about both Leptoprin-SD and A.G. Waterhouse.

List of Ingredients

According to the comprehensive analysis, Leptoprin-SD appears to contain methylxanthines, L-tyrosine and calcium. It also claims to include a “proprietary weight loss mixture” that is comprised of a blend of ilex paraguarensis, paulinia cupana and turnera diffusa.

Product Features

L-tyrosine is an amino acid that has been proven effective in weight loss supplements. However, most products that include this ingredient come with a much smaller price tag. Ilex paraguarensis is the fancy name for yerba mate, which is used in other weight loss products because of its diuretic properties. Paulinia cupana is also known as guarana; another common weight loss ingredient because of its thermogenic ability. Turnera diffusa, more commonly known as damiana, is primarily known as an aphrodisiac. While it has been found in some weight loss products, there is no evidence to support its effectiveness as a weight loss ingredient.

It appears that if you place an initial order for Leptoprin-SD on the company website, you will be enrolled in a program that ships and bills subsequent orders automatically. While other companies might offer this service, in this instance, it serves as another red flag to alert consumers to proceed with caution when doing business with this company. The complaints filed against A.G. Waterhouse are another concern, since it appears many customers have been unhappy with the product and the way that the company does business and carries out their auto-ship program.

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  • Does contain some common weight loss ingredients.


  • Unable to locate a complete ingredient list for Leptoprin-SD.
  • No customer testimonials or money back guarantee offered on the website at this time.
  • Lots of negative feedback about Leptoprin-SD and its manufacturer can be found all over the web.


While Leptoprin-SD includes some effective weight loss ingredients, you can find similar formulas for a fraction of the price elsewhere. The packaging and the marketing of this product lead consumers to believe that it will benefit those with the greatest weight problem. However, the mediocre formula and high price tag would have us urge consumers to look elsewhere for a more credible diet supplement.

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    abigail cantu

    I just wanted to tell you that this pills had work for me, with only 2 treatments I was able to loss so much weight, and I was able to keep it. no rebounds, it is a great product.



    I used this yr and it worked for me as well.