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The leViv meal delivery system prepares and delivers healthy, weight loss meals two times a month. Dieters choose from five menu plans, including Healthy Weight, Prostate Health, Cardio, Kidney or Diabetes. Each menu is packed with healthy foods aimed at improving a specific health condition or promoting weight loss. The official website for leViv is no longer live, so the company has gone out of business. Meal delivery systems are a quick and easy weight loss solution, but they do not teach the dieter how to choose healthy foods and prepare reduced calorie meals. The price for meal delivery systems is always more expensive than cooking at home.

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Home meal delivery company.

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There is nothing worse than looking in the refrigerator and not having any diet foods to choose from. Eating healthy, reduced calorie meals requires planning and cooking, but many dieters simply have no time to plan out a week’s worth of meals in hopes of staying on top of weight loss. The leViv company takes care of the planning and food preparation. Each menu plan comes with breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks for two weeks. If the dieter chooses the 28-day plan, two deliveries are made each month. Some meals must be kept in the freezer while others are shelf stable.

Losing weight with prepared meals like the ones delivered by leViv is simple. The dieter simply heats and eats the foods laid out for each day. The meals are made to fit together in any combination while maintaining a reduced calorie total for the day. The cost of these services is extraordinary. Some cost as much as $35 a day, but most falls within the $8 to $11 per day.

The leViv company encourages dieters to exercise daily, but there are no exercise plans listed on the official website. This could make exercising difficult. If the dieter has no time to prepare meals, how are they going to find time to walk a mile a day or hit the gym in the morning?

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  • Healthy, low-calorie meals for weight loss or certain health conditions.
  • Foods are delivered every two weeks.
  • Most meals require only microwave preparation.
  • Portion sizes are ideal for dieting.


  • Does not teach the dieter how to cook reduced calorie meals.
  • No exercise plan is included on the leViv website.
  • The website is no longer in operation.
  • The company is likely out of business.


leViv is one in a long list of meal delivery companies aiming to make life and weight loss easier. Most of these companies charge extraordinary prices for common meals. Dieters can cook the same meals ahead of time and freeze them for use throughout the week with a little planning.

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