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Lex Advanced is a skin care product company. They have developed products geared toward bodybuilders specifically so they can keep their skin looking as great as their bodies. This review will take a closer look at the products Lex Advanced offers to see if they are worth investing in.

List of Ingredients

There are several products produced by Lex Advanced. Each product will have its own unique list of ingredients.

Product Features

Lex Advanced offers the following products: Depilatory Cream, Hair Inhibitor Serum, Isofirm, and Workout Facial Cleanser. The Depilatory Cream works to remove body hair quickly and efficiently. The depilatory cream is also a good idea for swimmers to use to remove excess body hair so they can be more efficient in the water. The cream is safe to use on nearly all areas of the body, but we don’t recommend using it on the face or pelvic regions. Removing body hair ensures that the muscles can be seen with ease because a hairy body will take away from the size and definition muscles have. The Hair Inhibitor Serum is designed to prevent hair from going back as thick and as fast, so that bodybuilders don’t have to focus on hair removal as often. This helps save time in the long run. Many people hate the hassle of shaving over and over because it always makes the hair grow back thicker and faster so this is why the inhibitor serum is a good idea. The Isofirm product is a transdermal product that goes deep into the skin to provide the appearance of tight, firm, skin. The post workout facial cleanser is designed to clean the dirt, sweat, and bacteria from the face while also working to fight free radicals so the skin stays healthy. Many other facial cleansers accomplish this as well.

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  • These products are quick and effective at removing hair from the body.
  • Ingredient listings are available for the products.


  • The products are not geared toward weight loss and dieting.
  • We do not see any customer testimonials.
  • There are no free trials of the products.
  • Simply using a lotion will not generally tighten the skin.
  • There are no money back guarantees.


These products are more for body builders rather than the average dieter. They will not help with actual weight loss, but rather the appearance of the skin. Taking care of your skin is important because it is the largest organ of the body, but this can be done with other products such as moisturizers and cleansers.

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    did not work on my leg hair