Lichi Super Fruit Meal Replacement Review

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Lichi or lychee is one of those names that keeps coming up over and over again in the weight loss supplement community. There are tons of products with lychee fruit extract, but there is one company that stands out – Lichi Super Fruit. The company recently released a Lichi Super Fruit Meal Replacement with the added power of lychee fruit extract. Lychee is a great source of antioxidants, but there is nothing particularly important about the fruit in regards to weight loss. The meal replacement is created from soy and whey protein, like hundreds of other products. It tastes like chocolate and has a higher than normal ORAC level. The dieter could take any protein shake mix and add some blueberries for the same effect.

List of Ingredients

Whey Protein, Soy Protein, Natural Cocoa and Lychee Extract.

Product Features

There is no official ingredient list for Lichi Super Fruit Meal Replacement. We found the listed ingredient in the product description when we added the supplement to a shopping cart on the official website. The price is on par with other protein products, though the container is much smaller so the dieter is actually paying more per serving than they would if they chose another whey protein.

The website dedicated most of it’s space to the lychee fruit. There are sections offering tips on dieting, exercise and a complete plan for weight loss using Lichi products. These are great tools, but they are free tools so the dieter can use them whether or not they choose to buy the Lichi Super Fruit Meal Replacement.

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  • The meal replacement shake contains just 120 calories.
  • Contains whey and soy protein.
  • Available for sale online.
  • Contains lychee fruit – strong antioxidant.
  • Dieters can order from the official website.


  • Is not that different from other protein shakes and meal replacement shakes.
  • We have no idea if the shake contains vitamins.
  • Priced higher per serving than other meal replacement shakes.
  • The official website offers little information on the product.


Dieters are not going to like paying nearly double for a protein shake just because it contains an antioxidant fruit. There are plenty of protein powders designed as meal replacement shakes so the dieter can pick and choose from multiple flavors and protein bases. Some websites will even allow the dieter to create a meal replacement shake with added ingredients for less than this product.

Before spending the money, dieters need to look at products available from other manufacturers. They may find a great product with green tea and chromium for less than Lichi Super Fruit Meal Replacement.

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    Celia Basfeld

    Can I mix Lichi Super Fruit Meal Replacement with non fat milk?


  • 2

    I think this is one of the best meal replacements in the marked. It really curve my appetite and i lost about 4 pounds in a week. I will continue using it.



    hi! how much did you drink per day and isn’t it pricy to return and get more?