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Life Cleanse is another supplement in a long line of colon cleansers marketed for weight loss. The fact that colon cancer is on the rise has promoted these colon cleansers into the stratosphere, but many manufacturers see more benefit in directly promoting weight loss by cleansing. Life Cleanse made some very important mistakes on the official website including lacking a FAQs section and never listing the ingredients in the supplement. There was also a free trial offer that ends in the consumer being charged nearly $90 for the supplement if it is not returned within 14 days of order.

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There is no list of ingredients to go through with Life Cleanse. The manufacturer promotes this supplement as being a huge change dieters can make to reach their weight loss goals, but without an ingredient list the most important part of choosing a supplement – research – is impossible. Life Cleanse does mention fiber as being an ingredient. Most people consume far less fiber than needed for optimal health, so that is a great ingredient but it will not effectively cleanse the body for weight loss.

While the supplement is not effective for weight loss, the website offered detailed information on colon health. Colon health is very important, so dieters could learn a thing or two about the benefits of a healthy, colon. The trouble is most colon cleansers want dieters to believe there are parasites and built-up feces in the colon and the medical community does not support this. The body works to eliminate waste effectively without harsh, natural laxatives, which are undoubtedly part of this supplement.

Life Cleanse is a product of FWM Laboratories, which has more complaints than good testimonials. The free trial is linked to an auto-ship program that charges consumers even if they cancel the supplement shipments. No products sold by FWM have official websites nor does the company.

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  • Colon health information was offered on the Life Cleanse website.
  • A free trial is offered.
  • There is one testimonial.


  • At $90, the supplement is overpriced.
  • Only one testimonial does not provide enough support for dieters to buy the supplement.
  • The free trial is only 14 days from order, so nearly all consumers will be forced to pay $90 for the supplement.
  • 14 days is not long enough to try any supplement.
  • Research information proving ingredients effective are not listed.
  • No ingredient list could be found on the official Life Cleanse website.


There has never been a colon cleansing supplement we supported for weight loss purposes. Colon cleansing and weight loss are two different alternative, natural choices. Colon cleansers may create short-term weight loss, but this is linked to loss of water and, potentially diarrhea. Without a list of ingredients, Life Cleanse cannot expect any dieter to spend $90 for a natural laxative.

Proven weight loss ingredients do exist. Green tea is one of the most popular and clinical tests show how it works to increase weight loss. We also like caffeine and chromium.

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7 User Reviews about Life Cleanse

  • 1
    Shirley Peradota

    I had no bad side effects, no problems ! I would like to purchase more. but they say they aren’t taking new orders. It is the only thing that has worked at all.


  • 2
    Jo Downs

    How do I return this product for a credit to my account?
    This product did not work!


  • 3

    After 30 day trial I ended up in the hospital with a gastro bleed. Had to get transfusion for 2 pints of blood loss. While I have no proof that the Life Cleanse System caused it I’m still learry of continuing to take it. I had ordered a years supply and when I called to get a refund authoriztion I was told “that mail box is full, Goodbye”. Now I’m stuck with a years supply of product that brought about no weight loss and serious small intestine problems.


  • 4
    Connie Barrett

    When taking the life cleanse system should you cut back on food. Most cleaning program, you would eat nother but liquors


  • 5

    How is life cleanse system taken?


  • 6

    no answer at phone number given on order form need to return merchandise



    Need to know how to return product it does NOT work