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What You Should Know

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Life Extension is a company that produces several different supplements and vitamins. Instead having just one focus, they focus on all areas of health and wellness. This review will take a closer look at many of the products they offer to see just who the vitamins and supplements will help.

List of Ingredients

Since Life Extension provides a wide assortment of products, each of them will have their own ingredient list. See a specific product for more information about its ingredients.

Product Features

Life Extension carries products in the following categories: Anti-Aging and Longevity, Health and Well Being, Diet and Energy, Vitamins and Minerals, Herbal and Phyto Extracts, and Beauty and Personal Care.Anti-Aging and Longevity includes Antioxidants, Brain Health, Growth Hormones, Hormones (DHEA), Bone and Joint Health, and Immune Enhancement. Health and Well Being includes: Blood Tests, Books and Media, Children, Essential Fatty Acids (Omega-3), Heart Health (CoQ10), Inflammatory Reactions, Liver and Urinary Health, Miscellaneous, Mood Relief, Pets, Prostate Health, and Special Purpose Formulas. Diet and Energy includes: Amino Acid Supplements, Digestive Enhancement, Durk and Sandy, Fiber, Food, Meal Replacements, Popular Supplements. Sports Performance, Staples and Sweeteners, Soy, and Weight Loss Supplements. Vitamins and Minerals includes: Minerals, Multivitamins, and Vitamins. Herbal and Phyto Extracts includes: Bioflavonoids, Greens, Herbal Supplements, and Phyto Extracts. Beauty and Personal Care includes: Cosmetics, Mouth Care, Eye Care, Hair Care, Personal Care, and Skin Care. For the purpose of this review, we will take a closer look at the weight loss supplement products.

In the Weight Loss Supplement product line there is: Optimized Irvingia with Phase 3 Calorie Control Complex, Integra-Lean™ Irvingia, Fucoxanthin-Slim™, Cocoagold™ with Beta-Glucan, Natural Appetite Control, Nutrim, 7-Keto DHEA Metabolite, DHEA Complete, WellBetX® PGX™ Soluble Fiber Blend, SlimStyles® PGX®, Cellulite Suppress Formula, Belly Slim and Tone, Enhanced Fiber Food Powder, and Super CLA Blend with Sesame Lignans.

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  • Many different products to choose from.
  • Ingredient information is available online for each product.


  • The product selection can get overwhelming.
  • With so many weight loss products, it’s hard to know which one is best to use.
  • Some of the skin products are also listed under weight management. Using a lotion is not going to help you lose weight.
  • You have to join to get cheaper prices.


We recommend choosing another supplement company that can provide one focus for you as the customer. Choose one that has proven ingredients and use it alongside an exercise program with a healthy, balanced, diet.

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2 User Reviews about Life Extension

  • 1

    tried to find a way to give a reviw on LifeExtension’s Optimized Saffron.
    Well it doesn’t work; aqs a matter of fact after going through the whole bottle to prove it or not, I ended up gaining weight. After getting off it I finaly lost some weight and this was even over the holidays.


  • 2
    Violet Kanda

    I see one of ingredient of water soluble pumpkin extract is corn.
    I know most wheat, corn, soy, canola are genetically modified therefore I don’t feel comfortable of swallowing this capsul.
    When your company stop using genetically modified corn, soy, etc in your products?