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The Life Force Diet offers food and meal suggestions to improve health and slim the body. The foods suggested on the plan are supposed to replenish enzymes commonly stripped from the body while eating a westernized diet, the same diet that may cause weight gain. It takes three weeks to “supercharge” the body, according to the Life Force Diet description. The Life Force Diet is a book that sells for $11 on We could not find an official website for the Life Force Diet.

List of Ingredients

Book suggesting a raw food diet for improved health and weight loss.

Product Features

The Life Force Diet suggests raw foods to supply enzymes that suppress appetite. There is no list of approved foods or mentions of raw foods in the book description. Customer reviews offer more detailed information on the eating plan. One book reviews complains that the diet plan is based on personal preference and not scientific fact or clinical studies.

In addition to healthy, organic raw food, dieters take supplements to improve health and lose weight. We have no idea what supplements are suggested. Raw food diets tend to be very difficult to follow and maintain, though weight loss is common. Organic foods are more expensive than non-organic foods, another problem with eating the Life Force Diet for weight loss.

Raw foods, especially fruits and vegetables, have a laxative and diuretic effect. Even in large quantities, raw foods tend to have very few calories, which could cause the dieter to reduce caloric intake to starvation levels without even noticing the severe caloric reduction.

We doubt the supplements included in the Life Force Diet plan are fat burners or appetite suppressants.

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  • The Life Force Diet is an inexpensive book.
  • Raw foods may supply healthy enzymes.
  • Raw foods tend to contain lots of water, which may reduce appetite.


  • The Life Force Diet is expensive.
  • Raw foods do not supply all the nutrition the body needs.
  • May be difficult to follow for extended times.
  • Dieters may find organic, raw foods are too expensive.
  • The book has only a few reviews.
  • Some readers claim the author pushes feeling rather than fact.


Losing weight is important to dieters, but at what cost. The Life Force Diet by Michelle Schoffro Cook, explains healthy foods and recipes for a raw food diet. The diet may be difficult to follow and dieters may fall off the new eating plan and regain weight lost. Readers often tell more about a diet book than the product description and that is the case for the Life Force Diet. Readers don’t like the tone of the book, complaining that the author tells and retells how she does not like a specific list of foods.

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