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Life Force International is a globally supplement company that started 25 years ago. As a result of a strange illness his wife Gerri came down with, Wanye Hillman began to start building supplements for her to take to get better. When he arrived at the combination of nine sea vegetables and aloe vera that made her feel better, he decided to start selling this product, known as Body Balance, to others and the company was born. Today, the company produces many other products as well, but liquid supplements is the main focus.

List of Ingredients

As there are several different products made by Life Force International, each product will have its own individual ingredient listing.

Product Features

Life Force International produces the following products: Body Balance, OsteoProCare, OsteoOmegaCare in both Chocolate and Vanilla, FlexeoPlus, AminoCharge w/AminoRegulator, True Greens, TruBoost, SunSet, Sun Bright, Dream Away, Herbal Body Wrap, Taheebo, Colloidal Silver, Herbal Tabs, Activated Charcoal, and Intestinal Tone. Body Balance works to support all the body’s systems. OsteoProCare works to help the bones and joints. OsteoOmegaCare is for the heart and bones. FlexeoPlus is also designed to help the joints, building back some of what we lose over the years. AminoCharge is to help people build muscle. True Greens provides the nutrition of eating greens, without having to. TruBoost is a drink designed to combat stress. SunSet helps to relax and calm you. Sun Bright helps to energize you. Dream Away helps you sleep. The Herbal Body Wrap is designed to help keep the skin vibrant, healthy, and happy. Taheebo helps support the immune system. Colloidal Silver is almost pure silver for health benefits. Herbal Tabs are designed to help battle intestinal issues. Activated Charcoal helps to cleanse the colon to remove toxins. Intestinal Tone is a fiber supplement..

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  • There are products for everyone.
  • Everything is all natural.


  • None of these products are directly related to weight loss.
  • There are no customer testimonials.
  • The products are sold through a direct sales system.
  • There are no free trials.
  • Some products are only available in bulk.


If you are looking for supplements designed for your overall health, this is the company you may want to consider. While they have things like fiber that will help keep you fuller for longer and improve regularity, nothing is designed specifically for weight loss. We suggest you find a proven supplement and use it with a balanced diet and exercise program for best results.

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2 User Reviews about Life Force International

  • 1
    pauline dodd

    I have a question ??
    does it help a person with parker son’ disease ? my husband is 79 he takes sinemet cr 50-200ng. 3 times a day …for his shakes and they are bad some time .. I read about this program on the computer … I want am honest answer please .. if it doesn’t help .. I would like to know .. thanks


    Aliece Lowe

    Pauline my husband has prostate cancer and I just put him on body balance from life force because he was so weak from the medications and he seems to have a higher energy level and is much more focused as well as a decrease in his hand tremors. I hope this helps. Please contact the company for further answers to your important questions. God bless