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Many people struggle with weight problems and do not know how to cope. They have tried almost all diets and workouts, but do not seem to experience any meaningful changes. Life is hard, food is easy is a book written by Linda Spangle, a weight loss expert, which addresses weight problems in just five easy steps. In this book you will discover reasons that make people have weight issues. You will also find techniques you could use to overcome these problems. The listed price for the book is $19.95 at the time this piece was written.


There are no ingredients in this plan because it is a book.

Product Features

Life is Hard, Food is Easy is not an extraordinarily big book as it contains two hundred and fifty six pages. In the book the reader will learn why people eat when they are not hungry, how to control the food they take in and the simple steps to take, to disconnect the emotion from food. A reader will also learn ways to manage stress, depression or anger and how to get past barriers like guilt, perfectionism and sabotage. The book is written in the English language.

Some books offer solutions to problems, which readers cannot apply to their daily lives. Life is hard, food is easy gives practical solutions which, users can use in their daily lives. The book is an easy read as it is written in simple language and readers do not have to refer to the dictionary each time they turn a page. The book is portable and the reader could carry it wherever they go in their handbag or in their briefcase. The book’s author is a nurse and a weight loss expert therefore, the information given in the book is credible. The book is easily available from the bookstores and also on the Internet at affordable rates and readers can easily access it.

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  • The methods in the book are written in a simple language.
  • The cost is relatively low for a weight loss book.


  • The methods presented in the book are not new.
  • There is no website to guide the user along the process.
  • There are no testimonials due to a lack of website.
  • The author has written several weight loss books.


Whenever a weight loss book is reviewed, the first place to look is the author’s publishings. If the author has published many weight loss books, a red flag is thrown up. If this weight loss book was the solution it claims to be, what is the need for other books? The reader is left to read the plan, decifer the plan and maintain the plan. If they are able to get started, a great fat burner supplement may be able to help them lose more weight following this plan.

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