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The weight loss supplement, Life Support Diet is manufactured by the company, Life Support Herbal. There is an official website for this weight loss supplement, and we are told that this supplement contains 100% Hoodia Gordonii. These are the only ingredient details which we are given and so we can only assume that the sole ingredient in this is Hoodia Gordonii. Life Support Diet can be ordered directly online from the official website. Those who are reading this who know anything about weight loss supplements will be aware that Hoodia Gordonii is a cactus that grows in the Kalahari region of South Africa, and that it is used as an appetite suppressant by native Kalahari Bushmen when they leave to go on long hunting trips. Hoodia Gordonii has now become one of the most popular ingredients in weight loss supplements for sale today.


We are told that Life Support Diet is made up of 100% Hoodia Gordonii.

Product Features

The official website for Life Support Diet contains a number of positive testimonials written by those who have already used this product. The official website also displays a number of before and after photos. There is an offer of a 15-day free trial of Life Support Diet. You can subscribe to this offer by filling in an online form. Of course anyone signing up for such free offers should always use caution and send the product back within the stipulated time period if they are not happy with it and do not want their credit card to be debited with the full purchase amount the following month. The cost of a bottle of Life Support Diet is $43.95.

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  • There is an official website for Life Support Diet.
  • There is an offer of a free 15 day trial period.
  • Hoodia Gordonii is said to have appetite suppressant qualities.


  • The weight loss product market is absolutely saturated with products which contain Hoodia Gordonii.
  • The manufacturers provide us with no information as to what makes this product more effective than others which contain Hoodia Gordonii.
  • Some experts have concerns that ingredients such as Hoodia Gordonii have a role to play in eating disorders.
  • There is no clinical evidence regarding Hoodia Gordonii’s appetite suppressing powers and there have been no human studies conducted that we could find.


At the end of the day we are presented with no evidence that convinces us that Life Support Diet achieves superior results compared to other weight loss products for sale that contain Hoodia Gordonii as a major active ingredient. We cannot therefore recommend the Life Support Diet over and above other similar products for sale which contains Hoodia Gordonii. In general, we do not think that Hoodia is one of the most promising weight loss methods currently available.

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