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LifeLift OxygenLift, created by Rashelle Haines, is an exercise program that focuses on the importance of correct and proper breathing and is similar to yoga in many ways. This program is executed through a video that potential users will need to purchase. Rashelle Haines claims to have been a part of the beauty and health industry for almost forty years and she claims to be the most knowledgeable woman in this industry. LifeLift OxygenLift is centered around an aerobic breathing technique that Haines claims has the ability to alleviate stress, tone muscles and burn fat. It is claimed that this weight loss program can be used by anyone regardless of gender, age or fitness level and that users will notice results quite quickly. Rashelle Haines also sells skin care products and cosmetics.

Product Features

LifeLift OxygenLift focuses on “aerobic breathing” as well as flexing and stretching exercises. Though this weight loss program does encourage a healthy diet, little is said about developing one. Recipes and menus are not provided with this program so users will be on their own with that aspect.

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  • There are some user testimonials posted on the LifeLift OxygenLift website.
  • This weight loss program does seem to encourage a healthy diet.
  • This weight loss program does seem to encourage a healthy exercise routine.


  • Some of the links on the LifeLift OxygenLift website do not seem to be working as of now.
  • There are no before and after photos posted to accompany the user testimonials posted on the website.
  • The LifeLift OxygenLift website is relatively unprofessional and a bit vague.
  • It is unclear whether or not there is a satisfaction guarantee available for consumers.
  • There is no research cited to prove the effectiveness of the LifeLift OxygenLift weight loss program.
  • This weight loss program does not include any supplements that are intended for fat burning or appetite suppression.


LifeLift OxygenLift doesn’t really stand out from the rest of the exercise programs focused on breathing available today. LifeLift OxygenLift may not be an ideal weight loss option for those who rather take supplements because there aren’t any proven appetite suppressing or fat burning supplements included with this program, so those seeking a weight loss program with supplements with the ability to suppress the appetite and burn fat may want to research other products or programs with supplements that are intended for appetite suppression and fat burning. Those seeking weight loss should also develop a healthy and complete diet and exercise program that suits them and their lifestyle. Users will need to assess their health and fitness goals and decide if using LifeLift OxygenLift is right for them.

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    I have been using Lifelift Aerobic Breathing for several years. I want to point out that this was the one and only exercise program geared for anyone, any shape, any size. When I started I was morbidly obese and could not find an exercise I was able to do. I started Lifelift and it does work well. I lost inches; as well as weight. Yes I did eat a healthy diet as well. With Lifelift I actually saw muscle forming on parts of my body I didn’t know I had. This is an inexpensive yet high quality fitness program and I would recommend it to others.
    Thank you.