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The Lifetime Diet was developed by Mr. Gary Null. Mr. Null is a health educator and decided to develop a program to help people lose weight using all natural ingredients. The Lifetime Diet claims to help people accomplish this with all natural nutrition, exercise, and holistic therapies. The Lifetime Diet is described in a book by the same title. Unfortunately, the book does not provide any evidence to support the claims made by Mr. Gary Null and his diet.

The Lifetime Diet is reportedly a lifestyle change guide that helps the dieter change how they eat by increasing their positive attitudes and creating positive self-images. While self image and positive attitudes are generally accepted as helpful in ones overall quality of life, there is no specific clinical studies to support the idea that positive attitudes will directly help with weight reduction.

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Product Features

The Lifetime Diet delineates a 31 day eating plan that includes low fat recipes. The plan is said to work by jump starting the dieter’s metabolism and establishing lifelong eating habits. The diet plan claims to help the dieter to listen to their body and recognize their own dietary needs. The program uses detoxification as the corner stone of the weight loss component and uses stress management and self-actualization techniques to set goals and improve body image. These are noble goals but detoxification has not been shown to help reduce weight other than short term weight loss that returns within days after the detox process.

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  • The Lifetime Diet focuses on the whole body and mind as a way to weight loss.
  • The Lifetime Diet gives strategies to reduce stress.
  • The Lifetime Diet by Mr. Gary Null helps to set goals as a way to manage long term dietary needs and stay on target.
  • Keeps the dieter motivated by helping them learn how to stay positive and energized about the diet.


  • Requires a lifestyle change.
  • Uses detoxification which may not be appropriate for people with a long term need for weight loss and weight management due to health risks associated with detoxification programs.
  • May be hard to maintain the diet indefinitely.


Gary Null’s The Lifetime Diet is a 31 day diet program that attempts to help the dieter lose weight through increasing self-esteem and building new eating habits. Though the initial diet is one month long, the diet does expect one to continue the new eating habits indefinitely which may be hard for some people to maintain. The method has been researched and documented through the use of 1,000 people who sought to lose weight, though the results are not generally available from anyone other than the developers of the diet.

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