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LifeVantage Corporation is a company that develops and sells its own line of anti-aging products. LifeVantage Corporation was founded in 2003. The company is traded on the open stock market. The main bulk of their anti-aging products are sold through people who have signed up to be part of their networking business.

LifeVantage Corporation manufactures and markets products that have met their research standards although it is unclear what their standards consist of. The company reports their products have passed clinical tests. The main product offered by LifeVantage Corporation is Protandim. The supplement is marketed a product to help reduce the effects of oxidative stress.

LifeVantage seeks people to sell their product and offers multi level marketing schemes. They say their selling platform is stable and designed to help people create opportunities for themselves. It is unknown how much a successful seller of LifeVantage Corporations products can expect to make because the company does not disclose this information.

List of Ingredients

 Protandim is an all natural and it has received a patent for its formula. The product contains a blend of five ingredients including Turmeric, Milk Thistle, Ashwaganda, Bacopa, Green Tea.

Product Features

Protandim is designed to help people reduce aging factors and has been clinically successful in about 40 percent of people in the clinical study. The product reportedly works through slowing down the cell aging process to the level of a 20 year old. The clinical study was peer-reviewed to but this is not the same as passing stringent scientific studies. The product has received patents for the blend of all natural ingredients.

Protandin is anti-oxidant therapy that is suppose to be many times more powerful than other forms of anti-oxidants including red wine, oranges, blueberries, or juices. The product is reportedly able to work by producing an increase in the body’s natural ability to create anti-oxidant protection in the cells. This is suppose to trigger the cells to make oxide dismutase, catase, and glutathione.

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  • LifeVantage Corporation offers people a chance to build their own business around their products.
  • Protandim, the main product in the LifeVantage line is established to be safe and pure through independent laboratory testing.
  • Protandim is regulated by the Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act, and dietary supplement Good Manufacturing Practices.


  • The research results are not released to the public.
  • The clinical studies are not conclusively supportive of all LifeVantage Corporations claims.
  • Tracking revenue is limited and there is no way to know how much potential a seller may have in the program.


LifeVantage Corporation produces products to help people slow the effects of aging through the anti-oxidation therapy. The company also offers people the chance to sell their products . It is unknown how much potential people have to make money with the company. The products have been proven safe by third party agencies that oversee supplemental aids.

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25 User Reviews about LifeVantage Corporation

  • 1
    Linda Reusser

    Please cancel my order for April, 2015 and resume my portandim in April, 2015. I somehow misplaced my order one month then, I found it so, I have so, I have an extra bottle. i don’t know my account # but my last order # is: 9717168. All my information should be attached to that #. By the way, why no customer Service phone # or email… all I found is this…. which seems suspicious to me. What’s up with that?


  • 2
    Barb Blasco

    I would like to know how to cancel my monthly order of portandim


  • 3
    Aven Rountree

    There are numerous errors in your report. Life Vantage has an income disclosure page that is available for all to see. Tests results have shown that it lowers oxidative by an average of 40% in ALL people. Huge difference! I will take it forever! Life changing!


  • 4

    My mom was secerely losing weight because she coulfdn’t eat (can’t taste the food) and she has severe pain on both of her knees. After taking protandim within 4 days she got her taste bub back and the severe pain on her knees went away. She now eating good and gaining weight and back on her feet. I have bursitis on both of my elbows after taking protandim my bursitis went away. My mom and i will not stop taking protandim.


  • 5
    jackie brown

    I would like to cancel my monthly protandum order please


  • 6
    Chick Sea

    Please send me info of your product.


  • 7
    Kathy Rockemann

    I have several unopened packages of the product from LifeVantage as well as the dvds and audio. I wish to send it all back to you as I’ve never been billed and don’t wish to be billed. The product is ok, but I can go on Amazon and purchase it for a lot less than I can purchase from the company. I shall attempt to get this box in the mail to you by the end of next week.


  • 8
    katherine kirby

    please cancel my orders


  • 9
    Jeanie Barry

    I did not order anything. Do not send me anything. I will refuse all packages.


  • 10

    Any stomach problems? I have had nothing but stomach issues! Plus I can’t sleep on protanim. I was taking a half a pill a day! I also have two friends with the same issues!


  • 11
    Linda Bass

    I need to re-order Protandum…there is no Customer Service no. on your websites???? Please send me the no. ASAP…thanks, Linda


    Cheryl Rawson

    I need a phone # to call to change my credit card for Protandem. Please reply


  • 12
    Ron Harper

    Life vantage does publish commissions paid out as a public traded company.


  • 13



  • 14

    started taking protandim 4/3/14 i also take a probiotic 30 billion 10 strain formula & a this combo ok together?


  • 15

    You need to ensure that are making clear and founded statements which you are not.


  • 16

    My husband and I both started taking Protandim and have loved the results. He has suffered from gout and other ailments for years and no longer has attacks. I also have more energy and with the combination of Protandim and Truescience I have had compliments about the way I look, younger. Also, their compensation plan is truly one of a kind and it does pay well if you are willing to do the hard work at the beginning. Check out Health, Wealth and Anti-Aging on Facebook for more information.


  • 17

    How long did it take for you to see improvements in your blood sugar? Thanks!!


  • 18
    Steve Ewell

    When is the best time to take Protandim, Before the meal? How many minutes B 4 the meal. or with the meal.


    Derek Moessinger

    In my case it doesn’t really matter. “With a meal” period, is probably best in order to get the most absorption, but works for me even on an empty stomach.


    Billy R Brown Sr

    This is an excellent company including Comp Plan and the products. I take Protandim daily.


  • 19
    brenda nelson

    I have been taking protandim since Oct 2012. I have had diabetes for 10 years now. I take metformin once a day.n My cholesterol has usually been between 205 to 227. My blood pressure is normal. I recently had my yearly blood work done and my cholesterol is 130, my blood sugar is normal. All my stats are great. IIs this the work of protandim? If it is, WOW!!


    Your Name

    How does it work with diabetes. I have like 20 bottles my boyfriend was getting every month but didn’t take them.


  • 20
    George Meier

    Why did the stock go down today, 12/6/2012?


  • 21

    The research is available to the public, just search “Protandim” on

    The research entirely backs up the company claims.

    Potential revenue cannot be guaranteed this is true, however, what program is?