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Light Weigh is a Christian-oriented weight loss program based on a series of videos that encourage participants to change their lifestyles. It is designed for groups working together to lose weight. The program was begun by Suzanne Fowler, a devout Catholic who believes that the power of prayer can play an important role in achieving weight loss goals.

Product Features

The Light Weigh videos are designed to be viewed in a series of 90 minute meetings over a 12-week period. The elected group of participants is expected to consist of at least three members who provide support and encouragement for one another throughout their journey to weight loss. The videos are 60 minutes in length or less, and the meetings include a 30 minute discussion period in addition to the Light Weigh video viewing.

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  • Light Weigh’s program carries a positive message for Christians who are trying to
    lose weight. It stresses a group effort in achieving weight loss, and claims to teach a new approach to eating through prayer.
  • Although it was created from a Catholic perspective, Light Weigh can benefit
    participants from other Christian denominations as well.
  • Light Weigh is an international program, including participants in the United
    States, Canada, Ireland and Australia.


  • Light Weigh is primarily a spiritual approach to weight loss. It is Christian-
    oriented, so it does not address potential participants of other faiths.
  • The Light Weigh program is geared specifically toward groups of people working
    together, rather than individuals. The idea behind it is that there will be meetings where videos are watched and discussed, but this is not a feasible option for some people.
  • Light Weigh aims to address the supposed spiritual hunger of the participant,
    rather than any true physical issues. It is based on the assumption that the participant has an emotional struggle that is causing weight problems. This excludes a large group of people, including those who are carrying extra weight from holiday indulgences or from a recent pregnancy.
  • At $135.00, the program comes with a hefty price tag.
  • The Light Weigh company Web site implies that you may have to reorder the
    product numerous times to obtain maximum results.


Light Weigh attempts to offer comfort and spiritual guidance to participants who want to lose weight. It is geared toward people of Christian faith, and may not appeal to those of other faiths. It could serve as a useful and inspirational tool for Christians who feel they are victims of emotional eating, are willing to spend money on the videos and want to make a commitment to group meetings. For those who are not suffering from serious emotional issues and feel that faith may not be their key to successful weight loss, Light Weigh will probably not yield desirable results. Light Weigh’s focus on fellowship and prayer is uplifting, but the capacity for true results is questionable at best.

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    I find the kit way too pricy!


  • 2

    This diet is a joke. It is much more difficult than any eating program I’ve been on. AND . . . the program has changed. It costs more money to join ($148) for the Light weigh One King. AND it costs $55.00 for each additional 12 week course.

    What really annoys me is that Suzanne Fowler, the founder, does not have a refund policy in place. This women is over the edge; her tapes are annoying. She is way tooooo emotional.

    The entire program turns me off. I’m now stuck for the money, but Suzanne is getting richer.


  • 3

    Any groups in the South hills of pgh???


  • 4


    I would like to make it clear that we don’t need to buy the contents of the program more than once, as the reviewer said. The program is designed to be completed in 12 weeks, and we are certainly welcome to do it again, for as long as we want to or need to, to meet our weight loss goal, but nothing else needs to be purchased, ever. I already did it, that’s how I know.


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    Rebecca Mohammed

    Several years ago I had just a preliminary exposure to the concepts of the LightWeigh diet, from a friend at Church, and with just that little bit of awareness — to eat small portions and listen to my body’s hunger signals, rather than eating whenever and whatever I wanted — it literally changed my attitude toward food and eating. I’d never realized before how much I’d been overindulging in food, but when I heard the simple LightWeigh prniciples, my favorite saying became: “Enough is as good as a feast,” — that’s from Mary Poppins, by the way.
    I’m eager to find a Light Weigh group in my area, as I’ve tried nearly everything else — low fat, low carb, starvation!! — but the one time that I felt I was “onto something” was when I’d begun to use the LightWeigh principles, and started to recognize how much overeating is part of a spiritual condition, and the solution to overeating is…the same answer to everything: God’s Grace.
    Can’t wait to find a group!! Really want to get started on LIVING the LightWeigh!


  • 6
    Janet Rodriguez

    I am on week 14 of the Light Weigh. I’ve lost 28 pounds and don’t feel that I suffer from “serious emotional issues”, I find your choice of words interesting. This is a bible study that teaches catholic faith beautifully and it instructs participants about the many avenues we have to turn to God instead of food (or anything else that is getting in the way). I highly recommend it!! No serious emotional issue required, just a desire to learn more about our faith and ourselves.


  • 7

    I’m catholic, and I’m interested
    how do I start?


  • 8
    Monica Doyle

    You are a little heavy on the “emotional” hunger aspect of The Light Weigh. It can also work for over-indulgence at holiday time or pregnancy related weight gain. It just teaches us to only eat what our stomach (in it’s natural state, not distended state ) can hold. This is biological education.


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