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LighterLife is a custom weight loss program designed to help people learn just how to lose weight. Although most people will realize that they need to change their eating habits, many will not know exactly how to do this in a way that will benefit them the most, which is where the program comes in.

LighterLife is advertised as an extremely simple dieting system that anyone can benefit from. It works by using special shakes, soups and bars that are specially created for dieting needs and the whole program is led by an accredited counselor to help you along while attempting to reach your weight loss goals.

With LighterLife you will also receive lifetime support even once you have lost the weight, making it easier for you to keep those pounds off. Dieters will stay on the diet of the foodpacks that are provided by the program for as long as they need, with advice from their counselor along the way. This counselor is there for them at local support group meetings.


LighterLife branded food and drinks.

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LighterLife promotes healthy eating which is essential for weight loss, and there are many positive user reviews posted on their website. However, there is no guarantee advertised on the website.

The support given to those who choose to join the program is extremely important. Dieting can be hard so it is essential to be spurred along by someone who knows exactly what you need. The foodpacks provide dieters with nutrients and meals throughout the duration of the program, though these meals may not be to everyone’s tastes.

This program only appears to be available at the moment in the UK, as no support groups or counselors are available in other countries. However, these support groups are not for everyone so it depends on what you think will work best for you in order to achieve your weight loss goals.

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  • This program uses meetings to help keep users motivated.
  • There is a lot of focus on lowering your BMI (body mass index) which is beneficial to your health.


  • All of the food in this program is prepackaged which is costly.
  • Weekly meetings last for 2 hours at a time.
  • This program is only available in the UK at the time of this review.


Lighterlife follows some already established methods of helping people lose weight with portion control and weekly motivational meetings. The problem people face with diets such as this is they may become very hungry later in the day if they have eaten their allotted food portions and stay up later than usual. To counter this, the program has you drink a ton of water but that will send you to the bathroom frequently.

Many people like these programs because they don’t have to worry about food preparation or counting calories but others will find them expensive and ineffective. It all depends on your willpower and if you can get full easy. Programs like this usually will help you lose weight if you stick with them but we highly recommend the addition of a weight loss supplement as well. This could help you shed more pounds and reduce your appetite.

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    sarah petley

    i am about to start lighterlife nxt week and just wanted to know what happens in the group meetings? i am a bit shy and not keen on public speaking and although am desperate to loose weight this puts me off a bit!!



    dont’ do lighter life. I did it and it stuffed my body up. 18 months later I’m still trying to sort my muscles out. it’s not healthy in the long run it should be banned.