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Lincoln BioTech produces zinc-based health supplements for dogs. Their primary product is called Zinpro which is claimed to be an natural alternative to artificial supplements. The product is designed to improve the dog’s skin and hair through the use of a zinc supplement. Zinc is said to be involved in protein synthesis of healthy skin and the autoimmune system.

List of Ingredients

Lincoln BioTech contains: amino acid methionine, zinc and the acid sulfate anion.

Product Features

Lincoln BioTech’s Zinpro claims to help the canine improve their skin health by adding the supplement to their meal. The ingredients in Zinpro are suppose to help fight off infections and heal skin that has been damaged due to flea bites and allergies. The supplements come in a powder or a biscuit form. The biscuits are bound together with an organic bonding compound which is suppose to prevent intestinal upset that may occur with inorganic bonding sources.

Lincoln BioTech offers several ways to administer the supplement to your dog. Zinpro Dog

Biscuits    Zinpro Original Biscuits 680g (24oz) bag    Zinpro Turkey, Barley Biscuits 680g (24oz) bag    Zinpro Salmon, Potato Biscuits 680g (24 oz bag    Zinpro Original Biscuits 5 lb (4.54kg) bag    Zinpro Turkey Barley Biscuits 5 lb (4.54kg) bagZinpro Dog Food    Zinpro Dry Dog Food 10 lb (4.54kg)    Zinpro Dry Dog Food 30 lb 13.6kg)    Zinpro Canned Dog Food 14 oz (396g) Available only in CanadaZinpro Canine Supplement    Zinpro Canine Supplement 1 lb (454g) bag    Zinpro Canine Supplement 5 lb (2.5kg) tubZinpro Chewable Tablets    Zinpro Chewable Tablets 180 count per bottle.

Lincoln BioTech has administered tests using the Zinpro Dog Biscuits that they say has helped them to improve the product. People using the supplement with their dog should expect results in 4 to 6 weeks after initial usage. Lincoln BioTech states its product is not a drug but rather a mineral and is non toxic and they claim it is safe. The products do not contain cortisone.

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  • Zinpro by Lincoln Biotech is an all natural supplement.
  • Zinpro is bound with organic material and may help reduce stomach upset.
  • Lincoln BioTech is well respected in the dog dietary supplement industry.
  • Lincoln BioTech products have not been involved in any of the pet related recalls.
  • Contains no cortisone.


  • More costly than other dog supplements that offer a variety of nutrition.
  • Hard to find and may not be available in all areas.


Canine owners who have dogs with irritated skin may be interested in trying Zinpro by Lincoln BioTech. There are no independent studies that prove Lincoln BioTech’ s claims about its own product, however there are studies to support the use of zinc in the body. The product has been studied internally by the company however, it has not been studied to a scientific specifications to support the claims made by Lincoln BioTech.

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    ms McClanahan

    Good morning,
    I would like to purchase Zinpro original biscuits 24oz/or the 4.5kg bag.
    How can I obtain this product for my itchy-scratchy-doberman pup 13 months.
    I have tried everything-and I could well be she is zinc deficient.
    She is on a raw diet.
    I live in Spain (Europe)
    Would you advise me as to how can I purchase and have delivered zinpro original biscuits.
    Kindest regards