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Linda’s Diet Delites offers a huge selection of diet foods covering low calorie, gluten free and low carb dieting. According to the front page of the official website, the dieter shouldn’t have look around a thousand different websites to find some delicious diet foods and snacks. Linda’s Diet Delites sells products that are usually very hard to find, making the website all the more interesting. There is a retail location in New Jersey, but most dieters choose to order from the website. Orders for more than $100 receive free shipping and handling.

List of Ingredients

Diet foods for low carb, gluten free and low calorie diets.

Product Features

Linda’s Diet Delites displays products in an easy to navigate format. All the dieter has to do is click on the type of product they are looking for and a complete list of available products is returned. Some of the categories overlap, like diet foods and low carb foods. If the low carb food contains fewer than normal calories, it is included in the diet foods list as well. We are impressed by the selection and complete nutrition information for all food products. The dieter can view the label from the product description page.

Linda’s Diet Delites sells unique, one-of-a-kind products to people with special dietary needs, either for weight loss or for improved health (sugar free products could be ideal for people suffering from diabetes. Despite the positives about the company, there are a few negatives. Linda’s Diet Delites sell for much more than products in a traditional grocery store. One box of cake mix an easily cost more than $4 just cause it is created with low calorie, gluten free or low carb ingredients. In most cases, however, the product is sold in a container large enough to account for multiple servings.

Some products on Linda’s Diet Delites are perishable and mailed without ice packs or coolers. The low carb cheesecake, for instance, will arrive warm and “should” not be spoiled. This is not a chance most dieters are willing to take.

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  • Linda’s Diet Delites sells micro-niche dieting products.
  • All nutrition information is published on the website.
  • Low carb products are available.
  • Prices are comparable with other specialty stores.


  • Linda’s Diet Delites perishable products may spoil en route.
  • Prices are too high for some dieters.


When it comes to losing weight, especially with a low carb or gluten free diet, dieters need a change once in a while. This website sells just the right products to make it through major holidays or diet boredom. Unfortunately, the prices may force the dieter to order products only once in a while.

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    I tested their Love-The-Taste bread and got a nasty glucose spike (plus it tasted like cardboard)


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    stev chap

    is the calories for diet bagels right